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Have you ever had phantom remote condition?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19326points) 2 months ago
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Like the phantom limb disorder, but with the remote control, after cable gets cancelled?

Humor welcome.

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My TV channel has been changed when someone picks up a key chain with numerous keys on it. We also used to get conversations from next door on our intercom.

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The chances of such a thing occurring are remote.

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I never had cable in my life, never programmed a VCR, DVD player, or even used a T.V. remote.

I did used to play movies on a VCR but that was about the extent of it, I;m not very tech savvy, and Fluther and Worpperfect are about all I ever do with my computer except occasionally looking up information online.

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Something else to blame on the dog!

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