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When will you go out to the movies?

Asked by filmfann (49120points) 3 months ago
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Following the pandemic, many movie theaters closed.
Many are now reopening. There are big name movies opening.
Yet I am still hesitant.
Though I am vaccinated, I really have no interest in going out. I can stay home and watch Black Widow on Disney +.
Not all film are available, but I don’t mind waiting a bit.
This is not the same as I was 18 months ago.

When will you go?
What will you see?
How has the pandemic changed your position on buying popcorn, or sitting in a crowded theater?

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Great question. It’s really peculiar that I haven’t had even the slightest urge. There’s nothing out there that I’ve heard about that I have any desire to see, and I thought of myself as loving movies.

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I only went about 3 times a year anyway, so It’s no great loss if i don’t go.

I’m vaccinated, and I don’t plan on going to the movies any time soon, but if my husband wanted to see something I think I would go along where we live in my community in Florida if the theatre was limiting to 50% occupancy and I would still try to go off hours and never when a show is first released.

In fact I would not go in the evening or weekends, because that is when 20–50 year olds are more likely to go. I’d feel ok here because the vaccination rate is very high where I live and I’m already going to zumba with the room FULL of people, but not as tightly packed as prior to covid.

My husband is moving back to Nashville this month and I’m hesitant to do anything indoors there.

I never bought food or drink at the movies so that’s not an issue for me.

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I haven’t been out to a movie in a decade, since the last Harry Potter.

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Tonight. I’m going to see Black Widow with my daughter.

I was planning to just watch it on Disney+, but she bought us tickets for Fathers Day.

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Aw, tough Q. I love going to movies with my daughter, and I hate that I am still so anxious about it that I can’t.

That said, I am really hoping to be better about it by October, for the new Dune.

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I have no issues with going to a public place like a theater. That isn’t the issue.

At least around here, all the movie choices are crap. Even at the 12-plexes, it is all junk. Eihter the titles are kids movies, or science fiction stuff, or people killing each other. I looked at the listings and there are no dramas or even comedies that are the least bit enticing.
Give me something worth watching, and I’ll go.

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I’ve gone twice since being vaccinated. I saw Nomadland at the big multiplex in April with only one other person in the theater and I saw In the Heights two weeks ago at an art house with only 5 people in the theater. I pick my days and times so the theater is not full. My favorite local art house was a victim of the pandemic. I’ll probably go to Summer of Soul or I Carry You in My Heart this weekend.

I have Netflix and Prime but no others so I don’t have access to all the movies at home but I also prefer seeing movies in theaters.

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I used to love going to the movies. I was always willing to travel a bit farther for a nicer, newer, cleaner, more intimate theater. We had a great independent theater not too far away that closed due to the pandemic. I would go to the movies a few times a month.

Now, I haven’t had any urge. I haven’t even thought of it. I guess I got out of the habit. If I found something I really wanted to see, I might be willing, but I just haven’t thought of looking into what’s playing. I have Prime, Netflix and Disney+/Hulu so I have a lot of choices at home, already paid for, that I can watch in my jammies.

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Haven’t been to the movies since they started coming out with inexpensive VHS-to-rent of the same movies a few weeks later.

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If it wasn’t so Delta-riffic here right now, I’d go see Old by M. Night Shayamalan in the theater, it looks really good!
As it is, I’ll probably wait until new cases slow down, just to be safe, and go to a less crowded theater on an afternoon instead of evening.

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I have been going to movies since mid May, after we were all vaccinated.

The theaters are still imposing distancing, with a full circle of seats around each group of 2 or 3 people.

The hard part is finding movies worth seeing.

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One unforeseen result of covid is that the forced reclusion provided me an opportunity I almost certainly wouldn’t have undertaken otherwise. I’ve learned to stream stuff to the flat screens. And it is absolutely unbelievable, the amount of stuff available legally and otherwise. People, particularly my son have been telling me this for years, and I didn’t appreciate the significance of it. But I’ve now ditched the dish satellite $90 monthly ripoff, and will never be stuck with a satellite or cable bill again. And as for the movies, it’s going to take a truly extraordinary movie to drag me into a theater. I wonder when that will be. I really must learn to actually understand and operate a computer.

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@zenvelo I will work to emulate your example! For me, the distraction less joy of sitting in the dark theater in front of the big screen is truly an escape. I prefer the matinées anyway, (I’m old, I’m tired, get off my lawn) so maybe I’ll give it a try, sooner rather than later, if our theaters adhere to the distance thing.

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^^. If you do what I do and go at a non/busy time, you can create your own distance. I’m keeping an eye on Delta, etc. but for now it’s ok.

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I just might this very weekend for that Black Widow movie. Though the only film I’m really looking forward to see on the big screen, maybe even in IMAX is Top Gun.

These past several years I dramatically reduced my wide-screen viewings because of another pandemic. The digital movie pandemic. Lol I hate those and I’m not going to spend good money on them.

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I’ve gone to movie theaters as seldom as possible for years because the audience typically is full of people who aren’t there to watch the movie, they are on their phones or talking to each other (loudly) or snacking like ruminants. And the sound is usually too f*ing loud to hear anything.

Next time I go to the movies I hope it is an arthouse flick at an arthouse theater with an audience who are there to watch the movie.

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Before Covid I only went maybe once a year or less often. If I never went again, I wouldn’t miss it one bit.

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