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Do you agree with Black Lives Matter's statement about Cuba?

Asked by Demosthenes (12567points) 2 months ago
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BLM (or whoever purports to represent what little central organization BLM actually has) has released a statement calling on the U.S. to lift the embargo on Cuba, claiming that it has caused undue suffering for the Cuban people. They also praised the Cuban government for sheltering black radicals and having strong medical care.

Not surprisingly, they’re getting a lot of flak for seeming to defend an oppressive communist dictatorship.

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I lived in South Florida many years, and I’m not sure the rest of the US realizes how often Cubans risked their lives to float over to the US when the currents were right. Cuba has decent medical care for all and everyone can get educated, but the government jails people for speaking out against the government, the government didn’t allow private enterprise for years and takes a large percentage if revenue from private businesses. It is a dictatorship!

I always felt family members should be able to travel to see their family, but as far as an embargo on goods I’m conflicted.

First, this idea that an American embargo greatly affects Cuba, well, Canadians, Europeans, Latin Americans, all can freely go to Cuba and do business there and I don’t see how the US matters so much when the rest of the world can deal with Cuba. I realize we are very close to the country, but so is the Caribbean and parts of Latin America.

I once saw Solidad O’Brien in an interview talking about her mom saying that for Afro Cubans (her term) Castro was better than Batista, especially for Black Cubans who had more discrimination against them before Castro. My perception was communism meant more equality. Still, she wanted the Castro regime to end, because she believed in elections, capitalism, etc. I’m not sure what year her mom came to the US.

I think BLM and most Americans are fairly clueless about Cuba. They think about it in simplistic terms. My husband’s family has worked in Cuba and have gone there for medicine and they all say it’s horrible. Broken down cars, afraid to eat in restaurants, all sorts of negative comments.

I don’t think we should be praising Cuba, and really careful in general about praising any communist nation. Idealizing dictatorships and communism is crazy talk to me.

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BLM needs to let the US government mind it’s own business. Who is BLM to support the Cuban Communists?? If the Cubans want change, then it is up to them to bring it.

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BLM is a Marxist organization so of COURSE they support the Cuban government. They have to find someway to tear down America so of COURSE they blame all the woes in Cuba on the USA.

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^^^^^^ @seawulf575 at least say in “MY opinion” ! ^^^^^

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I find little agreement with anything that spurts from that hole.

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@Tropical_Willie It isn’t my opinion. It is the opinion of Patrisse Coullors, one of the co-founders of the BLM movement. When asked about a comment about the lack of a guiding ideological frame, she disagrees and claims that she and one of the other founders are trained organizers and trained Marxists so they have a guiding plan.

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Cuba is a geographic beauty and a political shithole.

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