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Do you have any person in your life that won't let you give up on yourself?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19629points) July 15th, 2021
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I cancelled my cable recently, and was boggled into how to return the PRV’s and other devices.

I was considering paying the $1,300 fee and giving up, but she pushed a little, and I took them to the post office. Everything should work out now. Just waiting for the confirmation of delivery.

I had asked the cable customer service if they could pick them up and they said no. Took me 30 minutes to find an older receipt, as I had switched to online billing.

Anyway It all worked out.

Do you have a friend or family member who won’t let you quit on yourself?

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Yes! My husband of 40 years. At the age of 58 (I am 61 now) I was diagnosed with a disease that progressively and steadily is not only effecting brain function but all body functions as well. I will keep getting worse as there is no cure nor remission. Of course I just wanted to give up. It was a very dark time as life as I knew it was gone. He’s been my biggest cheerleader and supporter! :)

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I used to. I miss DarthAlgar so dang much.

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My family. Not really an issue of “Giving up on myself”, as it is matter of being mule headed and having a dislike of hospitals and medical procedures. I took a nasty fall at work last year, and banged my head into a wall. Thought nothing of it really as it did not hurt and I could feel or see no blood. A few days later my oldest grandson suddenly came over with his wife, and told me that his Nanna, my wife, had called and said I was slurring my speach and acting goofy. I was then put in the car and they took me to an emergency room. Briefly I had bleeding on the brain and required surgery. When I came to, I was told that if my family hadn’t acted so quickly and responsibly I would have I owe my continued existence to my wife and grand son.

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When I was on campus, I met a friend who opened my eyes to recognize another friend who has NEVER given up on me even through the times I thought I was at the end of the tunnel. Then He gave me guidelines that changed my life forever. One of them is meditation; this is the secret to my health status, prosperity, growth, development, etc. I saw a post somewhere that explains how he taught me exactly…
Read and apply, it will change your life too.

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