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Can you help me think of an ice breaker activity for a Zoom group?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33924points) 2 months ago
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I’m facilitating a group on Zoom for 2 weeks. We want to get to know each other and have an hour to do that. I’m going to put them in pairs to interview each other then introduce their partner to the larger group.

I would like one activity to do as well. Any ideas?

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We’ve done trivia games and also Scattegories as game nights for UU on Zoom. Both fairly easy and fun.

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One thing our company has done a few times is to have the speaker reach for an item by their computer, on the surface they’re using (table, desk, etc.) and ask people, without getting up, if they have that item within reach.

Example: speaker shows flower or plant. “How many people have a flower or plant within reach? If you don’t have one, turn your cam off.”

Fifteen people out of a hundred.

Move on to the next question. Or you can do one where you gradually reduce the number of people. For example:

“How many people have been to more than one state? Leave your cams on.”

Now, how many have been to more than five states? Turn off your cams if you haven’t been to more than five.”

“How many have been to more than half the states?”

Once you get to a small enough number, you can have those people explain where they haven’t yet been, etc.

Prepare a number of questions, and your hour will be used up fairly quickly!

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Tell them about the German movie starring a communist kangaroo.

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How many people are in the group? Do they know each other, or is this a first-time meeting?

It sounds as if you already have one ice breaker chosen. Are you looking for a second?

What is the topic being discussed over the two weeks? There may be one that can be tied in to the topic.

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There are 6 trainees and 2 facilitators. I’m looking for 1 more light hearted activity. This is their first meeting.

I have an idea to do a scavenger hunt.

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How about some prompts that can be interpreted freely, depending on how much people want to share?

Give them ten minutes to retrieve

1) something you use every day
2) something old
3) something you love
4) something broken
5) something alive

Number 3 could be too personal if you’re pretty reserved, but people could get away with saying they love coffee or chocolate.

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The “Interview” ice breaker can work well for a group that size. It will probably take an hour for it to play out. Should it end up taking less time, no one will complain.

An idea for another icebreaker might be one to use during the second week of training. It’s called, “Three Truths and a Lie”. Each participant comes up with three truths and one lie about themselves. They take turns sharing them with the group, who then guesses which one is the lie. The more far-fetched the truths are, the more likely they are to fool the group.

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What do you put on your Hot Dogs ?

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@ragingloli That might be the first German comedy ever.

since I don’t speak German, I am hedging a bit. It might be completely serious.

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Have everyone use a filter, like this and take turns reading lines from a poem, like The Song Of Hiawatha, or some other well known reading easily divided, and relatively serious. See who can avoid giggling the longest.

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You could have them write a fictional story together. Each person verbally adds a sentence to the narrative and tries to leave it open for the next person.

E.g. “Sarah was walking back to the office from her lunch break when she noticed something shiny on the ground catching the light from the sun…”

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Have them each share what they like to do for activities outside work.
Share what their biggest passion or hobby in life is about.
Also to share some little know facts about themselves that very few people know.

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I like Two Truths and One Lie.

Basically everyone comes up with two truths and one lie about themselves. And everyone has to guess which is the lie. :)

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