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What is the colour green used to indicate, if not "go ahead, no restrictions"?

Asked by flo (13313points) 2 months ago
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In relation to COVID 19 for example, there is yellow, red, orage zones. Zone green means you can go back to pre COVID days activities correct or not?

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It depends on who is publishing the “guide”.

This is from Belgium:
Green colour code: regions or countries for which a low risk of infection has been identified.

In North Dakota, “green” is safe if vaccinated , only blue is “back to pre-Covid activities”.

California uses Brown for the least restrictive level, and does not use green at all, since we are now in an era where we will never go back to “pre-COVID”.

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Los Angeles County Heath Department it means “people that are vaccinated do not have to quarantine or isolate” when they are public spaces. Not pre-COVID-19 days.

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What if someone gets in big trouble after going by green is go ahead?

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I’m referring to areas, not vaccinated individuals, though. In areas where it’s labelled green, there is no mandatory x, y or z. Edited

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There is no areas that are “Green” for “not vaccinated individuals”!

There will never be pre-COVID-19 days again !

Especially with areas that have 60% to 70% of the population not vaccinated, like my county.

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I italicized the “vaccinated individuals” part not the “not” part, just for the record.

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There are no areas; it all has to do with people and whether the are vaccinated. Not a location, like fifty miles West of Salt Lake City, if there is no one there it is just a place. If fifteen people (all vaccinated) it could be called “Green”.

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So, there is no area of the world where herd immunity is not reached but is called “Green”. That would a good thing, it would make sense.

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