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When do you get "please enter area code" even after you dialed with the area code? See detail.

Asked by flo (13313points) 2 months ago
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What does the operator mean to say since the area code is entered?

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Who talks to operators any more? I didn’t think they existed.

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Perhaps they want you to dial 1 first?

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You didn’t dial the country code first so the system thought the area code was actually a local exchange. The last 3 digits were ignored.

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I think @LuckyGuy is correct, above.

@elbanditoroso I think @flo meant the automated recorded responses to dialing errors. Human operators still exist. You just usually need to get past some automated system if you want to talk to someone, e.g. by dialing 0 twice.

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So, the the operator meant to say “please enter the country code.” Ok.
But landline phone operator doesn’t need to make that request.

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…Why doesn’t the landline operator need to make that request and the cellphone operator does?

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