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What is this view of Boston?

Asked by Jeruba (51825points) 2 months ago
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I’ve been away from the Hub for too long. I can’t identify the main buildings in this photo or tell where it’s taken from. I recognize the Customs House Tower, but that’s about it.

The lighted storefronts in the lower left look like what used to be the portal to the North End (Hanover Street), but what’s around it looks unfamiliar. And what’s the green area in the foreground?

Here’s the story that led me there. Maybe I should go back.

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They put I-93 underground, so instead of the expressway you knew winding through downtown there is The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

The project was called The Big Dig.

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^^ What he said.

The stretch of grass down the middle is the aforementioned Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway — which took the place of the big, green, metal elevated I-93 bridge (which was ugly).

To the right of the greenway is Atlantic Ave. Going north will take you to the North End. South will take you to South Station, gateway to South Boston, and the Chinatown gate.

To the left of the greenway is indeed the Customs House clock tower. In front of that, to the right a smidge (looking like a castle), is the Boston Grain and Flour Exchange Building (at the end of Milk Street). Fun Fact: I used to work in that building for Jung Brannen Architects.

North from here takes you to Fannuel Hall/Quincy Market and Haymarket.

The next tall building to the left of the Customs House was designed by Phillip Johnson (one and two International Place).

Streets on the left head into the Financial District.

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Edit: After a closer look, I think the Phillip Johnson buildings are a bit further south, out of frame.

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It is a wonderful change to make this area a Park versus the old Central Artery that was demolished in 2003as part of the Big Dig.

Pre-Covid, I walked to work everyday from North Station to my office in Post Office Square.
The city has seen a revitalization in this area and in the closeby Seaport district.

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