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What kind of lawyer deals with renters’ matters?

Asked by Yeahright (3865points) 2 months ago
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My apartment’s living room carpet needs to be replaced. Every week, the complex management office says they will schedule me for the next time the carpet company is in my complex, but weeks have passed and nothing gets done. I told the manager I have family visiting at the end of July and need that carpet replaced ASAP. There are also carpet scraps the carpet people left behind my building the last time they were here weeks ago. They say those will be removed by the same carpet company.

I have heard that in cases like this, the renter can get the service done and then pass the expense to the landlord or take it from the next rent payment.

What is a good way to deal with this matter? Should I get a lawyer to deal with this?
If so, what kind of lawyer deals with renter-landlord issues?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Contact the owner of that building rather than the management, that might get things moving faster.
Also Landlords and Tenants Board to address concerns. ( keep records).

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^I doubt I can ever get to the owners. This is a large property management company that oversees many properties across the state.

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You could possibly go for a free consultation with a small claims lawyer and see if you can get the answer. Or look up the laws for your state on Tenant and Renters’ Rights. There may be info online.

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One option is to pay your rent to escrow instead of the landlord. There are laws related to this, and it may vary with your specific jurisdiction. Maybe contact a real estate lawyer to get a better understanding of the process?

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@gorillapaws Excellent idea. I have been meaning to start looking for a new place closer to work and someone gave me a realtor’s contact number. I guess I can ask them.

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@janbb I have checked the T&Rs Rights but didn’t find anything specific to my problem. The small claims lawyer sounds good.

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You already have some good advice from others on this post – But to answer your question directly, this field of practice is called landlord/tenant law. You may be able to find an attorney in your area here:

BUT, my suggestion is that you take other steps before hiring legal representation. Lawyers cost money, and depending on what settlement you reach the legal costs could be more than the value of repairs. A less expensive option might be to file a complaint with the city or county housing office where you live.

Good luck.

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@JLoon Thank you. Will check that link.

I am considering all options though, including legal representation because it is not only the carpet issue (it’s a long story), they have also charged me for other repairs that I do not consider fair but need the legal framework to know for sure.

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The problem with hiring an attorney, @Yeahright, is that you’ll have to front the money.

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I would ask your complex who actually orders the change of carpet and speak directly to that person. They should be able to give you a date it will be done once it is ordered, so since you have no date they are not taking care of it at all in my opinion. I don’t know if the breakdown is the person you are talking to at the complex not emphasizing to whoever orders the carpet that it needs to get done ASAP or what.

In terms of who to call otherwise, I think it depends on the state. I would call your county government office or state and ask someone there who you should call. Maybe there is 211 or 311 or an office of housing or maybe a volunteer service that helps that can help you know your rights, and possibly they will help you by contacting your landlord.

Some states the tenant has the right to not pay rent if certain basic things are not working or if they have to replace an item, but that is a messy business and so much easier if you can just get them to change the carpet since they seem willing to do it.

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I stopped talking to the complex manager a couple of weeks ago and have been exchanging emails with the general manager. Today I asked him to give me a specific date once and for all because my parents will be here in a few days. He wrote We have your apartment scheduled the next time our carpet installers are in XXX. I will see what day they are scheduled. And that was that. God knows when that next time is. I just wanted to have record of this week’s emails before I contacted any county office or any other office. And you’re right, I don’t want to further confuse the whole thing by not paying rent.

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@Yeahright You did what I would do. The next time should not be long off if the complex is fairly big. People moving out often triggers a carpet change. They need to give you a date. Hopefully, tomorrow he replies with the date. So frustrating.

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@Yeahright Yes you can look up the owners or corporation that owns the property and surely they would feel enlightened to know that whomever is managing your complex is NOT doing it right.

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