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What is better than "security question and answer" for email account verification?

Asked by flo (13313points) 3 months ago
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To verify it’s really the account owner who is trying to sign in, there is, or was, “security question and answer”. Is there anything better than that?

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Here is a genius tip I read once for these recovery questions:
Make the answer completely unrelated to reality, or even the topic of the question.

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There is also two-step verification used by some programs. They will send a verification code to your phone and you have to put it in to sign in to the app or program.

I’m not sure which is more secure.

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Two Factor authentication is much better, and because it is a temporary access on a different appliance, tends to avoid the problems where someone has “found” your device.

The better way (but a bit of overkill for the average consumer) is to get a one time token that updates once a minute that is also coordinated with a computer. That is why the company I work for uses to authenticate when I log in to the VPN. And even then, the VPN disconnects after 12 hours and I must go through the authentication again.

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Finger print scanners.

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OK. By thwe way, I didn’t mean to suggest that securiy question is not good enough, But it can be bettee ’‘Making the answer be completely unrelated to the question’’ (@rangingloli s post )

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2 step verification, some offer keys.

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