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What simple tools are really good at doing their jobs?

Asked by janbb (59198points) 3 months ago
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I’m thinking about my fly swatter at the moment. Those damned flies never see it coming.

What other simple household tools or pieces of equipment do you love?

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Rubber spatulas, when they’re well designed.

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Keys are pretty good at giving easy access to your property while keeping others out.
PS Have you ever tried an electric fly swatter. It is great for mosquitos.

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@flutherother Like zappers that they hang outside?

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Bollock Daggers, really good at stabbing bollocks.

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Well, I did post it in Social!

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No, it’s like a tennis racket with batteries. It fries the mosquitos instantly.

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Linesmen, in soccer games; they get better and better, the last decade.

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Basic kitchen knife. So many uses beyond spreading peanut butter.

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A length of 750 Paracord

A 100 ft roll costs ~$12 and it can be used for so many things. You can pull a car (or your neighbor’s zero turn radius mower) if it is stuck in a ditch. With a tensile strength of 750 pounds it can do a lot in a small, light package.
To get the full benefit, learn how to tie a taut line hitch. You’ll be glad you did.

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A hole punch – 3 holes or single. Perfectly round confetti! ;)

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@smudges When I was a kid I would play with “cap gun roll caps” and a hole puncher. If you used the hole puncher to cut the cap in half it would pop and make and make a nice spark.
My parents wondered why the hole punchers always got so dirty.

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Scissors, can’t cut material with a knife as good as scissors.

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^ LOL I remember doing that!

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Bottle openers and corkscrews.

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@LuckyGuy I used to say that I liked people who have string. It’s great for so many things. Yet not everyone has string.

Not surprised that you upped the ante to paracord. Haha

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@raum I also have a few rolls of nanocord which is a small version of paracord. It is like a thick , strong thread.
I have black, white, camo, and orange and mostly use them to repair things or hold something together while epoxy sets up. I used a few short lengths of black to fix the bug zapper I have out by my pond. I hose it off into the pond every morning so my fish can have a good meal. All that water caused the supports that hold the grids in place to rust out and corrode rendering it useless. I tied the grids in place with nanocord and it works great. That thing will last forever now.

I used some long lengths of camo nanocord to dissuade a certain blue heron that visited my pond from enjoying some sushi. I made a few criss-crosses over the water and near the edge so his legs would get tangled. He did not come back and my fish are happy.

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That’s a clever solution for the sushi snacker!

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