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What is the idea behind painting rocks and then hiding them in a park, or play area?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7592points) July 25th, 2021
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It’s a thing for kiddos, I get that. But what started it, and what is the motivation for it?

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A post on FB today made me think of this. Some one had a post on their timeline about people painting and hiding rocks in their area, and it occured to me that it is done in my town as and then, when the grand kids go to our local park, they’ll come home all excited, telling us they found a painted rock. Occasionally they will find one or two when we are with them. Usually hidden on a picnic bench or some where that a child is likely to find it. I just wondered who started that and why? Harmless fun but I’m curious now.

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I’ve never painted any rocks but did find a few last summer in the local park and it was sorta fun. Some of them are quite well done. I took pix but put them back, either in the same spot or nearby for someone else to enjoy. There are Facebook pages devoted to different local/area groups that paint, which I discovered by looking at the info on the back of the rocks, which puts their name on the rocks so people who find them can share what they’ve found and let the creator know if the rock is gone or just re-hidden. An genuine artist friend in another state has just discovered this and tho’ oil paintings are largely her thing, and she has sold many, has since painted a few rocks and says she’s having a blast, especially seeing the delight folks of all ages get from finding them when they do share their findings. It probably goes without saying that a search online will list dozens and dozens of related stories and info on everything from how to prep your rocks to designs and ideas. I’ve actually thought about trying a few just remembering how cool it was to find them but haven’t gotten that ambitious yet.

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To answer your last question, I think it’s just for the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made someone smile and perhaps enjoy their day a bit more by finding the painted rocks. I know I did both.

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You have misunderstood the situation.
These used to be pet rocks. There, forgotten on the shelf, they dreamed of going back to nature. Unfortunately, they have become accustomed to civilization, and forgotten the simple pleasure of lying at the. bottom of a riverbed and letting the water rush over you.
They escaped, or were released, and have gone primal, thinking face painting will bring them closer to their forgotten lives. They hide from people, for fear of being enslaved again.

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There’s a Wikipedia page where someone claimed to have started this in 2015. Which, in my opinion, is ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure people did this when I was a kid (way before 2015).

It just didn’t move the way things do now with Facebook, Instagram, etc.

But to answer the question. It’s somewhere in between scrawling “Nomore_lockout was here.” on your desk in middle school. And wanting to connect with a stranger in a whimsical way. :)

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People have always done it but I think during the pandemic, people were looking for little ways to spread joy and make life interesting, especially for kids. That, and that social media spreads ideas faster and more enthusiastically, as pointed out by @raum.

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I had never heard of it, or noticed it until my grand kids told me about it, and started getting all excited whenever they would find some. Until I saw that post on FB, I just had always chalked it up as maybe a promotion for Saint Jude’s or maybe a fund raiser for cancer, or something like that. You know, a local deal for kiddos, like “Turn in your rocks at such and such business place, we’ll donate one dollar for every rock to go toward (insert charity)”. Never knew it was happening everywhere.

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I see it as another form of graffiti.

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Just for fun.

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A few years ago i found an interesting flat stone about 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide with an unusual design painted on it ( looks Buddhist).

Turned it over and on the back is a hashtag with a name and the Facebook “F” symbol with message the following message, ” Post me, like me, Love me”.
# Pottsteine. (with a German flag painted on it too.)

Tried it but got nothing. But its been in my potted planter for years.
I assume getting Like” on Facebook was more important to him/her?

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