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What team do you hope to win in the Olympics?

Asked by KRD (1707points) July 28th, 2021
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Which team in the Olympics are you on?

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I’m for the USA team.

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All of them. Lol

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I’m like @YARNLADY. I’m not in favor of any team. I’m just here to enjoy a good game.

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I am thrilled when Canada wins anything in anything.

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I support all the underdogs.
Like that weightlifter from the Philippines, that got gold for her country for the first time ever.

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USA!!! Fight-fight-fight!!!

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I’m with @ragingloli. I am inordinately pleased when athletes from countries without the same resources medal.

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Also like when the underdogs win.

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USA. Then Japan or Germany.

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USA, but when something extra spectacular happens for another country, I am excited, maybe more for the athlete(s) than the country. Take for instance, Jamaica deciding to try bobsledding, and earning respect with their efforts.

What I don’t like is athletes switching countries. If they immigrate to stay, okay, but some live and train in one, then go to represent in another. It doesn’t matter to me which country they go to or from.

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Countries don’t matter for me. It’s personal effort and winning with class and skill.

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The USA women’s gymnastics team.
The rest, I dunno.

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