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What is the difference between CXC, CAPE, and GCE?

Asked by LongSleevesssowo (41points) July 30th, 2021
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I’m currently 14 years old and live in Trinidad (in the Caribbean), I’m originally from the U.S.A. and still have my citizenship there. I plan to move back to the U.S.A. when I’m done with secondary school and move on to university, hopefully. But I’m confused about the different assessments needed to check my qualifications. I’m tried doing research into CXC, CAPE, and GCE; but I don’t quite understand the difference and which one I should take in the future.

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Most people on this site probably aren’t really sure what your question is about – And that includes me. But I’ll make and “educated” guess:

I think you’re basically asking about transfer value of scores earned from the 3 testing systems currently used by secondary schools in many Carribean countries. These tests are based on an academic structure borrowed from the British system, and don’t have exact equivalents in the US.

BUT, the good news is that administrators for these test organizations have been busy making agreements with American universities to convert their scores into transfer credits that will count toward college admission. CXC and CAPE have taken a lead role. Check the details, and see a list of cooperating US and Canadian colleges here:

Good luck.

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