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How come whenever I go in the Fluther chatrooms there is nobody there?

Asked by KRD (1707points) July 30th, 2021
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Whenever I go there is no one there. Is it just timing or is it something else?

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People are just not that interested in the chatroom in general.

But if you set up a time when we can chat then I’m all good :)

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Timing’s a great guess. You’re 8 years too late.

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I don’t care for the “fast and furious, all over the map” nature of chat rooms. I much prefer the clean layout of the regular Q & A sections of Fluther.

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Because anyone who might just be sitting around in the chat room would have better things to do than sit around in some chat room waiting for someone to come along to chat with.

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I’ve been there.

I think it’s kinda like the penalty box in hockey.

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I figured you were there a week alone and maybe you liked it. We can all see who’s in there but I wouldn’t normally butt in uninvited. :)

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Gotta make them dividends, son.

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