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Would it be common for your mother to wear full heavy makeup and your sister to only apply foundation and go out?

Asked by anonymousguyhere5 (7points) August 2nd, 2021
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Yes. Each person has their own thoughts and opinions on how to wear make up, or not wear any at all. Also, it is a generational difference. What works best for the mothers generation doesn’t work for the daughters generation.

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Depends on the people. I would not be common for me, as I lack a sister.

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Together?? No.

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I’ve never seen anyone in JUST foundation, so yes, that’s unusual to me.

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I don’t have any siblings, but my mother never got dressed for the day without putting on a full face of makeup.

Conversely, my wife and daughter only put on makeup if we are getting dressed up for an event — and even then, it’s minimal.

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It is very unusual for someone to only apply foundation because as the name implies it is the ‘foundation’ for other makeup.

I am a man and I am afraid I love a woman wearing a little makeup but heavy or too much makeup does nothing for me.

My wife of 44 years has only worn makeup on the rarest of occasions and has not for years and she is still as beautiful in my eyes as the moment I met her.

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Just the opposite, my mother never wore any makeup and my sister wore a lot for a few years, but quit wearing any. I only wore makeup for special occasions, but stopped wearing any 50 years ago.

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By “common” do you mean usual, customary, and commonplace, or something else?

It sounds like you’re asking if their different approaches to dressing to go out are normal, and they are. But is there really another question here?

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Maybe the older one NEEDS that makeup to hide flaws or highlight good points while the younger one still has healthy skin,
complexion so shows it off better.

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