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How do you get to whichever page via the search box in Fluther? See detail.

Asked by flo (13313points) August 2nd, 2021
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For example, if the mouse doesn’t work when clicking on “Orphans” what exactly would you type in the search box?

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@flo I click on “Orphans” and got lots of questions.

Are you having other problem with your computer on other sites?

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I don’t think the search box is ever going to take you to “Orphans.” It’s part of the user interface, not site content. The button still works for me. Are you still having trouble with it?

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I didn’t get on Fluther since I posted the question till just now.
Is it only when searchig for a question that the seach is box is site content?

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@kneesox the problem was with the mouse not the tabs “orphans” etc.

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@flo if it’s a hardware problem, why are you asking about Fluther’s search box?

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@kneesox I was trying to get to Orphans (or other pages in Fluther), by using the search box.

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The stuff that’s a permanent part of the page, like “Answer this question” above the answer box, isn’t searchable content. It’s part of the user interface. Searching for that is kind of like using the library card catalog to search for “blue binding” because you’re looking for a book with a blue binding. That is not going to be a catalog entry. The catalog is for books, not bindings.

But the “Orphans” button is right there under the “General” and “Social” tabs. Why don’t you just click it?

If the mouse is giving you trouble, searching Fluther won’t help. Try another mouse.

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@kneesox The mouse or the labtop feature, is necessary even to use the search box. That you are right about that. .

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Search will not ever bring up the labels on a tab.

If the mouse isn’t working properly, try another mouse.

The end.

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The scroller is invisible unless you just happen to hover on the area. The end.

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