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Why can I not punch my father in the face in my dreams?

Asked by ragingloli (49282points) August 10th, 2021
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I sometimes have dreams where I really want to beat the shit out of my father, but as soon as I try to punch him, my arm just freezes, and no matter how much I strain, it refuses to move.

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You need to practice some lucid dreaming. Then you can land your punch. You can probably also fly.

Also you have to plan your dreams a little better. Don’t lie on the side of the arm you want to punch with. You probably need to be able to move it a little, and you can’t if it’s nailed down.

Good luck and I hope you win.

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There are two schools of thought about “can’t hit” dreams. The first says that, because the body actually is paralyzed during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep (so we don’t act out our dreams), the dreams really reflect physical feelings of paralysis.
When you dream of hitting your father, you are dissatisfied with someone who is above you, such as your boss or senior at work, or a teacher at school. However, this dissatisfaction comes from the desire for approval, and there is a psychological background that wants you to see more about yourself. The act of beating is violent, but it is an expression of a desire to get stuck.

Surprising dreams in dream divination are often surprisingly good dreams, and are viewed as one of interest and communication with the other party. It is only because of respect and admiration that the desire to be recognized is strongly expressed. Don’t do violent behavior in reality, but try to see yourself.

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You’re probably sleeping on your side and your arm is constrained by your torso.

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@KNOWITALL, “a desire to get stuck”? What does that mean?

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@kneesox I’m sure it meant ‘struck’. Maybe @ragingloli wants a spanking. Certainly deserves one anyway.

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Next time you have such a dream reach out and touch him. That would be a start.

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I think Raggy really wants to punch his father.

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Although it seems like Anger is center stage in your dream and beating the crap out of him makes sense. I think your dream is actually about Frustration. And Anger just has a bit part.

Still rooting for you to punch him though. :P

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Your inner sense of what you really feel is right holds you back.

(And you know it wouldn’t change things.)

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@KNOWITALL, the OP has changed the details since I asked for clarification, but I thought it might have meant “a desire to get UNstuck.” A desire to get struck is a whole other dynamic, and so I wondered which was intended.

I think Loli really wants to punch her father.

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I’d guess that subconsciously, you don’t truly want to.

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So WTH did he do to you?

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Yeah, seriously. What did your dad do? Do we need to charter a boat full of jellies to pummel your dad?

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Good question. If it were my dream, and if I had a father I wanted to punch (I don’t), I’d wonder what the dream was trying to get my attention about. I’d be reflecting about the rest of the situation of the dream, and how I felt about it, and whether the feeling was familiar, and if so, I’d be exploring the other things that feel similarly.

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