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How do those who study nutrition not go insane with all the contradictory research?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20356points) August 10th, 2021
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One thing is good one day, and then bad the next?

Right now it is eat half your plate as veggies and less meat and ¼th plate as legumes or potatoes, and nuts?

What is the next phase?

Humor welcome.

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My advice is to keep eating otherwise you will die.

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Nutritionists have been fairly consistent in saying that you should eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and to eat fish twice a week and to eat only small amounts of red meat.

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It is not a group of people in a room together evaluating, and reevaluating foods over and over.

Changes in dietary recommendations come from studies done in various areas. Sometimes there is something specific being looked for. Sometimes a thing is discovered by accident. For instance, doctors may notice a percentage of patients are not getting good results from a medication which has been dependable for a long time. They will have areas of those people’s lives researched. Someone gathers information about age, and family history. Nutritionists will examine their diet, past and present, and so on.

Perhaps a group of immigrants to a new environment will suffer poor health not common in their home of origin.

As new information comes known, a food once considered bad, because of one element, will be later seen as having another element which cancels the bad one.

So no, they actually get excited as more becomes known about the positives and negatives of food options.

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The difference between food fads and actual nutritionists is that the fad people focus on one small aspect of one’s diet, and ignore the whole person.

25 years ago it was “zero fat” diets. But they ignored the consumption of sugars, and in many cases people ate more calories than they did with fat in their diet.

Take your diet advice from a doctor or nutritionist, not from the TV news or from youtube or tiktok.

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They continually stuff themselves with burgers, fries, and shakes.

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