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If you are fully vaccinated how worried are you about contracting or transmitting Delta?

Asked by janbb (59167points) 2 months ago
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And are you taking stricter precautions than you were loosening a month or two ago?

Asked in General; you know what that means.

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I’m worried about transmitting more so than contracting, as I know and love many older people. Most of whom don’t mask or take any precautions.

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I’m fully vaccinated and in excellent health and very physically fit and strong for a 70 year old.
I’m pretty much living my life as I did in 2019. But put on a mask to please others. Go along to get along. Most people wearing masks are doing so inefficiently (not sealed properly with huge gaps). N95 masks are only totally effective when fitted correctly. If your glasses fog up then your mask is not sealed. At one doctor office visit I was told to put on a second mask and once the nurse put paper tape around my mask.

The SARS Cov-2 virus is here to stay and will never be eradicated. Get use to it. Getting vaccinated is a smart way to beat the bug. Wearing masks incorrectly is mostly kidding yourself.

Good health!
Stay strong!

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I am fully vaccinated and will be traveling soon. I have purchased KN95 masks for the trip to wear on the plane and when I know I will be in crowded places like public transport.

I’m working from home 4 days of the week right now. I ride the bus to work the 5th day. I wear a regular cloth mask and sanitize my hands. I listen for coughs from other passengers. The busses are not overly crowded.

I am definitely more vigilant than I was in June.

I read an article from a reliable source stating we can irradicate the virus in 7 years. I hope we can.

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I live in a well-vaxxed state, and am fully vaxxed, but I still have some concerns. I wear a mask (which I am filtering again) indoors everywhere except my house, and only eat at outdoor venues. Oh, well, so it goes.

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I am no more worried than I was last Fall, but I have stepped up my cautions since mid July.

I flew yesterday, and was not at all concerned on my first leg, but was very careful during my layover in Las Vegas. Washed and sanitized my hands a lot, fully masked except when eating.

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My concern is about spreading it. Vaccinated people (like me) don’t suffer so much from catching Covid, but I’m bummed out that we can help prolong the pandemic. I’m masking everywhere and on alert for symptoms. I haven’t felt this exposed for months.

After a few weeks of, “whew, glad THAT’s over!”, my caution and care returned with the report of the Massachusetts funeral where vaccinated people were spreading the virus like champs.

And then I attended a can’t-miss funeral five days ago and realized what a perfect event it is for spreaders – a pack of crying and sniffling huggers inside a church and then gathering for lunch.

Plus I had dinner with friends with a Covid-sick teen (she stayed on the 2nd floor porch while we ate on the patio). Plus I stayed in a house with kids fresh from camp, another petri dish.

The mask mandate returned at work Monday (Aug 9). We get texts when someone in the building tests positive, and those have become a daily thing again after falling to 2 or 3 per week.

I’d say on a scale from 2019 (nil) to April-May 2020 (high) my concern is on a January 2021.

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Like others, my main concern is in spreading it if I happen to get the virus.

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The key word in your question is “worried”. Worrying does nothing other than add mental and possible physical stress to a situation I have minimal control over. About as useful as worrying about a flat tire. After the worry has been exhausted the tire still has to be repaired or replaced. Why add stress to the situation?

I didn’t worry about Covid and I’ll not worry about whatever comes next. What I will do is continue to observe recommended safety precautions to maximize my chance of being around to not worry about the next threat to public health.

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Fully-vaccinated. More concerned about spreading, than contracting it.

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I wasn’t. But now that my teenage (unvaccinated) cousin is really sick, I’m getting pretty nervous again. I knew this virus was dangerous all along, but it’s different when it’s someone you love.

The N95 mask mandate was never lifted here for any indoor spaces, but I’ve gone back to wearing my mask outdoors for now, when I’m close to others.

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I’m less worried now than at any time since the pandemic started but I am still quite cautious. I have got into the habit of being careful.

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I had my 2nd Moderna at end of Feb.

Not worried exactly, but I’m masking up again when at indoor gatering places and taking some other precautions.

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@SABOTEUR Worry or perhaps concern can lead to action. Since I was out on the coast visiting family and then coming back to visit with my 5 year old granddaughter, I was doubly concerned about taking precautions so as not to transmit it to her. (And having to go on two long flights didn’t help.)

Home now, I’m not as worried but I will be more cautious than a month or two ago as new knowledge comes out.

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My daughter’s brother-in-law has cancer in his lungs. He caught Covid last month, and luckily he’d had the J&J vaccine. He is coughing a lot, but didn’t require hospitalizaton. He is quarantined for 20 days. Unfortunately, he will miss 2 chemotherapy appointments.
I am terrified my grandchildren will catch it. Two of them start school tomorrow. Kindergarten and first grade. Those of you who’ve had young children will remember the early years of school are petri dishes of disease.

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@filmfann On the plus side, I’m hoping this will mean less lice outbreaks since they are socially-distancing. :P

@janbb California is requiring teachers and staff be vaccinated or tested once a week. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders reading that.

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About three weeks ago we saw cases going up a lot in my county and I became aware of several breakthrough cases where I live and so I stopped going to indoor exercise classes or discussion groups. I also went back to more curbside pick-up for groceries (I had never completely stopped). And, I am more consistent again with wearing my mask indoors.

I am trying to decide if I am willing to go back to Zumba with a mask on, So far, I am simply not going, because probably very few people will be wearing a mask.

I don’t plan to wait for Delta to be completely gone off the planet to start going back to more normal, I am just waiting for cases to go back down where I live. I anticipate the numbers to go back down in September. I hope so, I could easily be wrong in my guess.

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@JLeslie Same here. Limiting all optional outing’s for safety.

We went to an outdoor ‘celebration of life’ (funeral) and the 87 year old father of the deceased was not masked and is now deathly ill. We are really hoping it is not Covid, at his age.

His daughter has lost her brother and mother all in the last year, so we’re hoping she doesn’t lose her father, too.

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@KNOWITALL Oh my, I hope he is ok. There is a very bad bronchitis going around that is not covid, but still hospitalizing people. With all of that loss the whole family probably has lower immunity. Depression and sadness is not good for physical health usually.

I recently heard about an outbreak of cases at a funeral from one of the people where I live in my facebook covid group. I think it was indoors though, and I have no idea if they wore masks.

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@JLeslie I sincerely hope it’s something else. :(

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Yup, new cases in my county are the same as last October 15th and rising. I’m most concerned about causing my wife to get it.

WE both have multiple preexisting conditions.

Delta variant is spreading in my state !

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@Tropical We’ll be sending positive vibes you stay safe.

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Fully vaccinated. Worrying more about seniors I interact with. Still wearing a mask and it’s fine. I need to go to work and earn a living. ( wink wink )

I understand many Americans don’t give a hoot if they get it and spread it to others. Freedom! Whatever.

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Not too worried because I’m still careful about wearing my mask in public and I’m retired and my husband works from home for now. But I got the Johnson and johnson and there isn’t much info on that, so I’m about as worried as I was when covid first showed up and I wasn’t vaccinate. My MIL and FIL both got covid and they were both vaccinate. My MIL is doing okay at home but my 92 year old FIL is in the Hospital emergency room right now for the next 5 days. There are no beds available in the hospital. All filled with covid again. They were both vaccinated back in March. I imagine they got the delta variant because they got sick pretty quick. Two days after a birthday party they attended.
So, my SIL sounds pretty sick as well but she isn’t vaccinated.
I would worry more if I was careless but I’m careful and avoid fools.

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I’m not worried at all.

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@raum “California is requiring teachers and staff be vaccinated or tested once a week. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders reading that.”

That’s one reason why I’m voting No on the Recall.

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@Brian1946 Something tells me he may be recalled because the only people who will show up to vote is the stupid anti vaxers.

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Somewhat worried. A friend of a friend who was double-vaccinated got a serious case recently. Yes, I’m being more careful now.

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As none of the vaccines can prevent someone fro catching the virus, whatever the variant I would be and am extremely worried about catching it.

However I am not as worried as I was when the virus first struck over a year ago because there were no vaccines and if someone caught the virus it was normally extremely dangerous and life threatening

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I am fully vaccinated, and I want to be a carrier of Delta. I want this disease to mutate and envelop our civilization.
Look who is against vaccines: Trump Cult, QAnon, and Conspiracy Theorists .
This is beautiful. These people are parasites and the more of them that succumb, the better.
These people tried to overthrow our republic, last January. These people vote for fascists who masquerade as anti-government “conservatives”. These people are a threat.
When I see a map of Covid deaths and it looks just like a Trump supporter map…. my heart is filled with joy. Godspeed, Delta Variant. Do your thing!

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Full vaccinated but I am now concerned about the Delta. I’ve started wearing my mask again to stores. I’ve always worn my mask to work as I work in a hospital. I will get the booster shot when it’s available to me.

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@Kraigmo I do get what you are saying, but it never works out that way. It’s the innocent kids that aren’t old enough to get the vaccine or that their parents are too stupid and won’t let them get the vaccine that will die.

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@chyna , you have a good point. Can’t deny that. My point will get a bit stronger once vaccines are available to all kids. I know some parents, even if required, will not give their kids vaccines. But then again, 71% of kids end up with their parents’ worldviews. Ostensibly thru osmosis.
The big thing is: we really need to save the planet.
But if 49% of the population are conspiracy theorists…. then we are 100% destined for total destruction. We need to save the future.

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