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What happens if you mix these drugs and alcohol?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12001points) August 21st, 2021
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I was drinking a bit and I took my medication lexapro. I get some stress rash sometimes so I took benadryl as well. I am just wondering if there are risks to taking these 3 together.

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I think you should ask your doctor about this. But as far as I know drugs don’t mix well with alcohol.

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Call your local poison control center, if you are worried.

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You should ask your doctor.But if that doesn’t work you could pm @Caravanfan and ask him.

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You’ll be okay. Eat some food, drink some water and go to bed.

It’s midnight. She can’t call her doctor. I’ve taken this mix of intoxicants. I know from experience. She’ll be fine if she takes my advice.

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You should not mix alcohol with any anti-depressants, including Lexapro

You should also not drink and take Benadryl

You should also not combine Lexapro and Benadryl

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I’m not a doctor.

That doesn’t sound like a good combination. Don’t do it again. Drugs that already affect brain chemistry or that make you sleepy are red flags for drinking alcohol even if you never read the precautions. Also, alcohol can exaggerate depressed feelings.

Let us know you are ok. Also, don’t assume because you woke up this time that it will be ok another time. Don’t take the risk.

You should ask your doctor or pharmacist when you have questions like that, or you can also look up the inserts.

I’m assuming you don’t drink regularly. If you do that could be self medicating and something to be concerned about. It sounds like this is just a one off from your wording.

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You shouldn’t mix drugs and alcohol because you don’t know what might happen. There are risks and my advice would be to stop drinking alcohol altogether, at least in the meantime.

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@SergeantQueen So how did you make out? Come through ok?

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i wont after tonight

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@SergeantQueen What do you mean “I won’t”?

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Well what the fuck

I didnt mean that I meant I will be, I’m reporting the answer for a typo I didn’t notice.

Typing too fast on a tablet that autocorrects messes things up

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@SergeantQueen glad to know. I was really scared reading that.

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@SergeantQueen I took it to mean you wouldn’t drink with the drugs again.

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