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Should I just go to the job interview tomorrow?

Asked by Cindy1302 (138points) 3 months ago
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I had a job interview yesterday and was sent home to an email to do my background check. Im still in the process I think because im a bit confused. I called the lady who interviewed me several times for help. I tried calling her again today but she didn’t answer so I left a message. She hasn’t gotten back to me but I dont want to call again and pester her. I got an email just a little bit ago reminding me I have another interview tomorrow at 11:00. I would call to clarify but like I said. I dont want to pester her more. Should I just show up to the interview and see what happens? I dont know if the email was sent by mistake or not.

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Welcome to the incompetence of a typical HR department. At least if you show up you’ll get some answers. A second interview is not uncommon and actually telling you to do a background check usually means they’re interested. What’s bad is to not tell you about it.

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Definitely go to the interview and ask for clarification.

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Yes. You’ve come this far…

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Yes, go to the interview. Good luck!

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Yes. Don’t ghost your interviewer. I hope that you can find out if the job is for you.

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Go to the interview. It will show you are serious about the position.

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Yes, go to the interview.

Try to avoid too many calls that may come across as pestering. HR departments are typically swamped. The ones I have had to deal with are also very unorganized and leave you guessing.

Hold your cool, but politely ask for clarification if it is warranted.

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So how did it go?

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If you were not specifically asked to contact the company and confirm to them that you will attend tomorrow then it should be safe to assume that they are expecting you and there is no need to contact them to confirm.

Simply turn up.

If you have been asked back for a 2nd interview I would take that as a distinct possibility that you will be offered the job provided of course your 2nd interview goes well.

Good luck

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