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Are you (yes you) aware that some of your old Jelly friends are still visiting us?

Asked by rebbel (35372points) August 27th, 2021
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…, but don’t interact.


I was wondering about some ‘oldtimers’ and went through my list of followers.
To my surprise there are quite some names there that I never see in threads, but, when I clicked their names, some of them had visited as recently as today (8–27-2021).

Did you notice this?
How does it make you feel (I got a nice little jolt of “hey, she/he is still a bit with us”!)?

Of course “thou shalt not name names”, otherwise I would have put some, but alas.

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PM me some names and I’ll answer your question! :-)

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That’s cool! There are definitely a handful that I’d love to find out are still lurking around. :)

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I haven’t noticed, but then again, I don’t often click on names of previous Jellies.

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Well, HOW-DY!

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I only have two jelly friends (other than a few who are still active that I’m tight with) who are no longer here. One won’t come back, I have her as a FB friend, and I won’t discuss her reasons, and another is now deceased. But I’m not opening that can of worms again. Other than that, you have the wrong bear up a tree.

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I have occasionally stumbled across one or another I was surprised to see having visited. It explains some ga lurve I didn’t expect.

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I wasn’t aware, but I’m not too surprised.

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I’m glad to see that. It means we are still connected.

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Lurkers are ok with me. Shrug.

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Yes, I am aware!!! I am also glad to see it, knowing that they are still with us. In these times, that isn’t a given.

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Yes, I was aware that some Jellies login regularly but never post in the message threads. They come here to PM their friends.

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Now I am!

Lurking Jellies – BOO! (And glad that you still visit.)

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I’m not surprised. The lagoon is a tough place to be free of. Like the mafia without the vague death threats.

“Be a real shame if something were to happen to your keyboard and mouse…”

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I thought perhaps so, but didn’t go check.

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I am glad to hear they have revisited. I wish they would rejoin the conversations.

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Ah, my old Jelly friends…..
Who the heck are you??

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Does any AnswerBag refugees know what happened to Mr. Bromide?
He never had a Fluther account so it is ok to name names.

He was depressed because he wasn’t a rich computer programmer.

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