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What does everyone have planned for Labor Day?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7592points) September 5th, 2021
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I was planning on taking the family out to the lake for a picnic and last swim. Area closes after L.D. weekend. May be a no go, weather is turning bad, fast.

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Here at work and a serious lightening storm is moving I’m quickly
My plans may soon fizzle.

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A calm, quiet day would suit me fine. Not much hope of that, though.

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Probably grilling some steaks with friends. Filling my gas tank. Reading a book.

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A few hours of work that I have been avoiding.

Swimming pool to do some laps and maybe read a book my dad sent me.

Possibly try to find some of my pictures to put on the wall. I have some in a box that I miss.

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Wife asked for fried thick pork chops for dinner, I can do that.

Mayo and rub with Panko !

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@Tropical_Willie mayo on pork chops? like you cook them in it? Please explain.

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It’s Labor day already? I thought it was on the First of May.

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Mayo to hold rub and Panko on chops.

Fry and put in 350* F oven until it hits 145 F.

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You’re thinking of Memorial Day Mimi, end of May. I get them mixed up myself.

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In my country the First of May IS Labor Day. We have our own Memorial Day as well, which is on July 27th.

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I have no plans.
See, there’s this pandemic going on…

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@Mimishu1995 The First of May is Labour Day here in the UK also. It’s the same everywhere apart from North America and Australia.

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The university is open today so I am teaching my three in person classes and doing some grading for my two online courses. I’m also starting a new remote class tomorrow, so I gotta do some last-minute prep for that.

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giving birth
Torching some cars in protest against the bourgeoisie.

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Crank up the guillotine!

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@Mimishu1995: In the US, Memorial Day is the last weekend in May and is considered the official start of the summer season – swmming pools open and beaches start with having lifeguards. Labor Day weekend is the first weekend in September and is considered the official end to the summer season – then it’s back to school for those who haven’t started school yet.

Both Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekends are 3 day weekends.

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Going Hobie Cat 16 sailing with my wife.

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Took a quick online writing Memioirs course online and just finished it. It gave me more motivation to getting this Family Saga done..however long term to complete.
Labouring over a hot oven cooking chicken wings..cloudy and snow on top of mountains cold to go out.
Had too much to get done anyways and too many tourists trying to cram in the last days of Summer…crods everwhere downtown.

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