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Have you ever seen a myth?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16613points) 1 week ago
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I was surfing and a video about mythical people and creatures came up.
Some have been in stories around the world so long, one almost has to believe they exist.

Excluding second hand stories, has anyone here had a first hand experience with anything considered a myth or conspiracy theory?
Leave out family and local legends. I am looking for first-hand accounts only.

I have had visions, such as attributed to indigenous people. Some are unexplained. However, I saw a vision of hideous faces and told my mom I was convinced that the house we had only lived in for a short time had the spirit of someone who died there trapped.
Mom tried to prove I was nuts. In front of me that week she asked one of our new neighbors if anyone had ever died in the house. She said an old man did. My mom creeped out. She decided I had demon possession.

What mythical experience have you had?

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Large black panthers roaming the eastern U.S. They’re not supposed to be here, long rumored but little evidence. Saw one with my own eyes, footprints too. A few trail cams have been catching regular panthers and in Tennessee the TWRA was forced to finally admit that we DO have panthers in the area again.

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Well ok. At the risk of this entire site thinking that I’m bonkers, I’ll go ahead and bite. And ln the assumption that you include what I could only call a ghost or a spirit, as a “myth”. A number of years ago, about 40 to be precise, and after my wife and I got married, we took a sort of late honeymoon down to New Orleans and some other paces to see the sites. I say late, because we had both been working right after the wedding, and we had a baby toddler girl to take care of. My parents agreed to keep the baby a few days, so we could have a trip together. To cut to the chase, shortly before we got hitched, an old high school buddy of mine had killed himself, over (I think) a relationship with his girl friend that had gone south. We were in a motel one night and drifted off to sleep. I heard a voice saying, hey man, what are you doing way off down here? And who’s the girl? I came to and saw my bud, plain as freaking day, standing at the end of my bed. And he looked real, none of this see thru, boo I’m a spook bull shit. So I responded with, well you know my wife, you met her when you and Cathy came to dinner with us that night. Anyway, I thought you were dead? How’d you find us here? We’re on a kind of belated honeymoon. He just said, I am dead, but I cant stay long. They said I could visit ya, but only a short time. And then he just king of dissipated, My wife had heard some of this and asked who I had been talking to. I told her, Vic was just here! She said, oh you’re imagining things, you has a long drive today. Get some rest and I’ll drive in the morning. You just need a to relax a bit. Maybe she was right, I can’t say, But it seemed real as shit to me. As real as me or you. Anyway, that’s true I’ll swear to it. Can’t explain it, but it’s true. And don’t call the boys in the white jackets on me.

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@All You realize that haunted houses almost exclusively exist in the UK and the USA, right?

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Consider that indigenous people wear crafted masks and possibly wore them in death when they were buried?
( in reply to your comment of hideous face).

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In NC in Military Housing I would hear knocking go straight across a wall. From one end to another. Like a tap, tap, tap noise. My husband even heard it and said it was the pipes or a squirrel in the wall. But it was once a day exactly at the same time every day. No matter if the weather was warm or cool. Same time every evening and the knocks were evenly spaced apart. He paid it no mind. So I looked outside to see if someone was playing a prank. No one was around. Then one day I had a friend over. I told her and she thought it was the pipes as well. Then she heard it and she totally freaked out. I had asked her to look out the back on one end as I looked the other way to make sure it wasn’t a prank. She didn’t see anyone. Nor did I as I went around.
If it was a person, I would’ve seen them. If it was pipes it wouldn’t be exactly the same time each day. If it was an animal. They would have to steadily walk the same pace every day and push something along the way to make the knocking sound.
So needless to say my friend never came back to my house.
I really wasn’t scared but annoyed. I was pregnant and often tired and suffered from real bad morning sickness. So one day as I napped in the living room the knocking started and I yelled, ” you don’t pay rent, and I need my sleep so if you are going to hang around then be quiet”. The knocking stopped halfway on the wall and never happened again.

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@Blackwater_Park, I think you are so lucky. Partly because I’m jealous, partly because it didn’t rip you to shreds!

@Nomore_lockout, you gave me chills! I believe you. Maybe he was in front of you, maybe he had some way to cause brain impulses which gave you the sensations of seeing and hearing him. Maybe you missed him so much, your mind gave you a minute. Whatever the case, it was real. Shoot, there are so many, many things we don’t know. We consider ourselves “intelligent life”. Pfffft!

The point of my question, is to point out that we need not scoff at what we don’t understand. I am curious how many of us have experienced things people tend to laugh away simply because they haven’t had that experience themselves.

@Inspired_2write, I do know a bit about that. What I saw had motion. There was one in the middle three on either side, lined vertically. There was no sound at all. They were all distorted. It was like somebody squished their faces like putty to make the expressions. The bigger one in the center looked anguished, like years of torture made his pain. He looked like he wanted to scream. The other faces had expressions of pity. I felt grief for the pain of the center one. I felt apathy grow stronger and stronger. Suddenly all of them changed to amusement. They were laughing at me. They were amused by my gullibility. It was all silent, but each expression was over exaggerated. I had just gotten into bed. I hadn’t even laid back yet. I was so freaked out I couldn’t move. Finally I screamed. It was hoarse at first, but it got loud and finally my mom came up to check on me. She flipped on the light and they vaporized. From that moment on, I felt like somebody had died there, and he wanted me to leave. We moved furniture all around, and I ended up with the master bedroom. No more creep outs.

@Pandora! Holy cow! A well behaved spook! I don’t know whether to feel creepy, or laugh. Heck of a story. Fifty years ago it could have been scripted on Alfred Hitchcock. Those shows had amusing creepiness.

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No you not bokers.
Some sensitive souls can pick up from those that meant more to us in life and appear before one to warn them that theay are gone or going from this dimension.
It is common occurrance.
My late father appeared in front of me and my ex husband after attending his Funeral.
I didn’t say antything to my husband but he asked me is I had seen a ghost as my face was very pale and schocked.
I told him yes and relayed the view in front of us.
As my husband knocked down my fathers character and I was so sad , my late father appeared but with another man tht was taller and they both wore suits.
They were conversing with each other and my father looked at me with arms in the air like
” WTF” in anger at me.
I understood tht he wanted me to confront my husband and stand up to him.
As I told my husband what I saw before us in our livingroom at home he got scared and apologised but kept looking at their direction.
I told my ex that my father was NOT always that way until later in life with numerous disappointments, and so on, that their were good times as well and when I had met my husband he met my family when my father was in the lowest of his life then.
We never discussed whether my husband saw what I saw but I think tht he did then as he was scared and appologetic and nodding his head to someone in agreement.
i got the feeling that my ex was admolished by my late father and warned.
I felt that he really did see something too then.
I believe that when one passes on that they let those that they cared for know about their passing as a final goodbye.

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i think that the fact that you saw different facial expressions, was a way that that entity was showing you his life, some good, some bad, some painful and so on.

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I’ve made mediumship connections with my ancestors, other spirits including possessions and land spirits, animal and plant spirits, gods, etc. I’ve seen what I think was a ghost.

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@Patty_Melt Several friends and family had different theories about what happened. One was, that Ghost can’t stay where they are clearly not invited to be. Another was that it was a child ghost and scared of adults. But my husband said I was crazy and acted possessed by a demon during my pregnancy so it was a lesser demon that saw I was occupied already. LOL, I couldn’t disagree about that. I lost a lot of friends during my first pregnancy and would go bullistic on my poor husband. I would cry, laugh, cry and get insanely enraged over the slightest thing and then be happy again. I once lost it with my husband and flipped out on him because he had to go to work. After he left I trashed our home throwing things till I got tired and then cried because I felt I had no control and then I went for a walk to go get icecream and felt better. My hormones were through the roof crazy. I didn’t even recognize myself and then other times I felt everyone else was wrong.
So I agree with my husband’s theory, that I scared the ghost or demon away.

Really though, after I gave birth and my hormones leveled off, I looked back at all the things I said and did and I didn’t know who the hell that was. I spent months apologizing to my husband and telling him I was grateful he didn’t leave me. I was like a person possessed. Not saying I was, just that hormones are no joke.

Luckily it didn’t happen with my second kid.
I sometimes wondered if it was because he was a boy and my testosterone levels raised up or because I had miserable morning sickness and I lack patience when I’m sick and hungry.

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@Pandora, but other people heard it, so something definitely happened.

I’m sorry your first pregnancy was so rough.

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@Patty_Melt Yes. Others did hear it. I was just replying as to your point about it being a polite Ghost and pointing out the theories at the time. I was amused the most by my husband’s theory, but not at that time. Way later. Yeah, it was rough but my son was worth it. It did make a believer out of me about the effects of hormones during and after pregnancy. I really had no control half the time.

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@Pandora Don’t go blaming the Booger Man for your hormonal issues. It might have been Casper playing around.

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There’s a thought! Maybe a spirit knew you were suffering, and was trying to amuse you. Not effective, but if it was limited, that would be a failed best effort.

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And she had to be mean to it, and made it slink back to the graveyard. Poor ghost : (

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@Nomore_lockout LOL, well I wasn’t amused by living humans at the time either.

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I did. I think she was with her myther.

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