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How do I get rid of my credit card debt?

Asked by Catfanatic (10points) 1 week ago
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I currently owe about $1200 on my credit card, but I’m unemployed, and can’t go back to work due to an illness. What can I do?

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I would talk it over with the credit card company. Maybe they can work something out. If desperate you can sell some stuff. Online or to a pawn shop.

Try to at least pay the minimum balance owning every month.

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Sell stuff, rummage, maybe try get a temp job with like DoorDash or something.

Talk to company as @RedDeerGuy1 said, maybe can work something out.

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I know mine has Covid relief plans on the home page for those in crisis.
Otherwise you may need to come up with the cash. Whatever you do, don’t put it on another card!!

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@KNOWITALL don’t put it on another card. I am copying what she said because it is super important!!! Don’t screw yourself over more.

Also, make sure to talk to company and stay on top of it. Maybe they won’t do anything extreme if you stay on it and don’t let it go.

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$1200 isn’t so much that you can’t earn it quickly. Find work you can do at home.

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Ask for a lower interest rate and explain yur circumstances as many have done this and got lower interest or none until they get work.

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