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What is your favorite hack regarding P and G's Dawn?

Asked by TJFKAJ (553points) 1 week ago
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It seems like this stuff can do almost anything but cure blindness.
What do you use it for?

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I know that Dawn, or most any liquid dishwashing detergent, can be used to create a homemade icepack. You put it in a Ziploc bag (I would double bag it). When you freeze it it stays pliable.

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You can use it to make bubble soap that will produce gigantic bubbles, like 3 feet across. It’s got glycerin or something in it that makes it hold together different than other dish liquids. You do need a big enough hoop, though.

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I leave Dawn dish detergent in the pot or roater pan to sit awhaile and it clears up all the leftover food particles etc Shine’s like New! Also left dawn soap in dishwater in sink and it also cleaning my sink perfectly!

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I use it on greasy, oily stains on laundry.

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