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How do I get an automatic fill-in off the list?

Asked by kneesox (3588points) 1 week ago
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I accidentally typed my password into the user name box. Now it shows up as an auto complete option. I don’t like my password being exposed like that.

How do I remove it from the auto-complete list? Ctl-D doesn’t work.

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A couple of questions:

Is this happening on a computer or on a phone? Or a tablet? And what operting system?

Most computers and devices have a settings function that allows you to edit autofills. Check yours out. Seacrh your device’s settings for “autofill”.

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@zenvelo thanks for answering. It’s a laptop, Dell PC, Firefox. No results searching in settings for autofill or auto complete. Ctl-D has worked for me somewhere else, but on the Fluther login it doesn’t.

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Clear the browser cache.

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Click the “Firefox” at top left

Click of Preferences

Top right is “Find . . . ” write in Autofill

Go “Addresses and Autofill”

Click on Saved addresses – - remove the unwanted address

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@Tropical_Willie top left of what? I don’t see anyplace to do that.

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The next time you log in, manually enter your preferred user name, and ensure that your entered password is hidden.

Firefox should then show you a template on the upper left to save your changes. Select the option to save your login. Also, ensure that the option box to show your password is unchecked.

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Click on “Firefox” at the top of your page !

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I’d erase history for the past 12 hours.

To do that in Firefox
Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines)
Click History
Click Clear Recent history
Click all 7 options so they turn blue
Click Time range
Click Today
Click erase.

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OH CRAAAAAP…. well, I just typed in some detailed explanations and instructions on how to find the login autofill section of the options on my version of Firefox (/s good thing there are so many versions with things in different places! /s)… and then as I was going back and forth between the settings tab and the Fluther tab, I hit the X which closed the tab and it forgot everything I had typed… – Thanks, Firefox!

I quit… I’m going to bed. (May the Firefox office burn down while I sleep.) You probably have a different version of Firefox with that stuff hidden in a different place anyway. Mines in the “Saved Logins…” button in the Privacy & Security section of Settings in Firefox. (At least, until I accidentally update Firefox again… then where will it go?)

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Ok, I found!!! the autofill place (thanks for that, guys, you all helped), but it doesn’t show anything relating to Fluther, not my username or email login, or any password. Are you sure it’s a Firefox thing and not a Fluther thing? I don’t use my Fluther name anywhere else, so it would jump right out in any list. What I see is mostly the email I use when I shop online.

You are good to have such patience with me and offer so much help. I hope I’m not being a nuisance. My usual helpers aren’t around much these days, so I’m on my own for this stuff more than ever.

@Brian1946, it shows the correct name and it has now added the mistake to the list as another choice. That is where I’m trying to delete it from, and it doesn’t work. (It’s within Fluther, and it’s on the right in the login area. Firefox doesn’t display or ask anything at all. Nothing appears on the upper left.)

@Zaku, I’m sorry, that’s so frustrating. When I’m doing something complicated like that, I compose it in Notepad and save it so it doesn’t get wiped out. Learned that the hard way.

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”... it shows the correct name and it has now added the mistake to the list as another choice.”

Does the bottom of that list show an option to View Saved Logins?

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@Brian1946, no. It’s the Fluther signin box. You can see what I see if you’re on the desktop version and you sign out and then sign back in. There’s a dropdown list. Mine shows ‘kneesox’ and two email addresses and now this wrong ‘kneesox————’ where the dashes stand for the password I accidentally typed after it instead of in the correct space.

I can’t believe this has never happened to anyone else in all of time. There must be a way out of it.

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I see what you are saying. I just went out and back in again. I’m not sure if this is a solution but if you go in with the wrong username, it will ask you if you forgot your username and will send you an email with it. I’m not sure if that will give you an option to delete the other one, but maybe it’s worth a shot.

Is it just your Fluther password or one that you use elsewhere? If it’s just your Fluther password you can go into your account and change it to something else.

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“It’s the Fluther signin box.”

Apparently you’re referring to the Login box (template) above the Community Feed, that one sees after logging out.

As soon as I click in the blank box under USERNAME (before I type anything in that box), I get a dropdown list of my usernames. Under the list is an option to View Saved Logins.
Here’s an image of what I see.

Do you see the View Saved Logins option in my linked image? Is the image similar to what you see?

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@Brian1946 Mine doesn’t display that.

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@Brian1946 no, I can’t see that. It doesn’t appear in my dropdown list. It just lists them, with nothing extra at the bottom. And it doesn’t say “From this website” either.

But—here’s the weird thing now: that wrong entry is no longer on the list. So unless the gods of fluther are still answering prayers, it disappeared by itself.

I want to thank everyone who tried to help. I learned some things. As for why the problem is solved now, I have no clue.

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