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Does the following surprise, excite, sadden, or madden you?

Asked by rebbel (33231points) 1 month ago
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Or any other emotion.

“Evolution now accepted by majority of Americans.”

Per research of the University of Michigan.

To be honest, I think it’s good news (from where I stand), but I must say it seems a bit low, to me (the acceptance rate, that is).

What do you think?

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I thought it was common sense.

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@Mimishu1995 Evolution, or that (almost) half of America discards it?

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Not surprised, not sad. If you mean mad like crazy, no. If you mean mad like angry, I’d say I’m more annoyed and frustrated with the fanatics and how so many people react to the fanatics.

I think we should push the idea evolution is not in conflict with the belief in God. Stop this science vs religion concept. Plenty of religious people are scientists. Furthermore, I’m all for bringing up the topic less often, except for making sure evolution is taught in public schools.

Even regarding schools, the people who really need to know how evolutions works and other science topics are scientists. We will never have the entirety of the US population knowledgeable in the sciences. We need people to be great in their own field, and know enough about health and hygiene that they don’t kill themselves and others.

We need more trust in the people who are trained in their field, but I understand why trust is difficult.

I generally estimate 30% of the US is Evangelical and although it’s a minority number it’s still HUGE and influential.

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I am a bit surprised. 40% to 54% is a big jump. It is reflective of the decline of religion in America. Over a quarter of Americans do not have believe in any particular religion.

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Obviously very SAD.

The increasing number of Americans falling for the LIES of Satan is a sign of the coming END TIMES.

Satan is doing his work, spreading the Woke Agenda in Secular Communist academia, POISONING our youth with Scientism and Communism, with EVIL ideas like there being more than two genders, that Man came from Monkeys, that vaccines help our immune systems combat new diseases, and that it’s society’s fault that there are poor people.

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Slightly surprised.

Not excited but it’s positive that it’s at least increased.

Saddened that there are so many anti-intellectuals and so much of the ignorant backwards type of Christianity going around, that I expect would be the main reason it’s so low.

A bit angry at the aggressive/hostile/xenophobic willful ignorance, misplaced righteousness, and overall awfulness of that whole “culture”.

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Glad people are coming to their senses.

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No surprise. Have accepted for many years that people in general are stupid, generally speaking.

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No. That sounds about right in a country where 1 in 6 adults still believe the earth is flat.

What will surprise and excite me is when a majority of Americans start thinking that democracy might actually worth their time and effort.

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@JLoon Ditto that, nothing more to add.

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@Mimishu1995 Tain’t from around these here parts, are ya? ; )

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@Nomore_lockout – Like George Washington said in the Bible : “If we don’t build a wall some people will get out.”

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Mimi is in Vietnam.

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@Dutchess_III I know, I was just kidding. About how anyone couldn’t know that Americans (some of us) are intellectual Giants of the highest order. ; )

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I’m curious as to how they selected the samples and how they conducted the survey.

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Go look in the article.

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^ I did. It says nothing about sample selection or number, or conducting the survey. Did they mail out surveys? To whom? Did they sample/survey people in universities? Etc.

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It shows that some are more evolved than others.

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@flutherother True, too true! lol

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