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When you read an obit which states a celebrity or regular person was "found dead", do you usually assume they OD'd?

Asked by janbb (59631points) September 12th, 2021
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I’m thinking about Michael K. Williams, the actor from The Wire, who just died at age 54, but it is often the case. I guess age has something to do with my assumption but I also think there is something in the phrasing.

This is not a usual issue to me, just something I am wondering about.

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For younger otherwise healthy celebs like Michael, yes that’s usually what I think of first.

Sadly we still lose far too many this way.

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In the younger (under 60) ones, yes, I kinda do. If it’s an older one, I think heart attack, report pending on autopsy.

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Usually my first image, or thought rather, is that they ended their own life.

Liked that actor a bunch.

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We had several celebrities die from autoerotic asphyxiation.
When someone told me Robin Williams died from hanging himself in the closet, I was worried he was doing that.

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I don’t assume that, no.

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If the person is under 25 or so, I either suspect suicide or drugs. Over 25 I usually suspect drugs first.

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Aneurysm, heart attack, or OD is what I assume.

If they are under 40 I would be more likely to assume OD. Over 40 any of the three.

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I make no assumptions.

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Yes, that is always my first thought.

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My first thought is suicide, then OD. If it’s someone older, say, older than 65, my first thought is heart attack or other natural cause.

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I don’t think of people OD’ing as the first reponse to an untimely death. I am more likely to think suicide or heart issues.

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No assumptions made. I wait until official information is made available If it is of someone that I am interested in

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Just an aside to @filmfann: you know about Robin, correct? That he suicided rather than live any longer with the form of dementia he had. Such a great person.

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@smudges Yes. We didn’t find out why until later.

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No. I know that happens, but it’s not an all round go to when someone passes. People some times develop medical conditions that either they are unaware of, or cover up from the public and don’t take care of. Somewhat like making an assumption of foul play, when someone is found deceased with an injury. As in the case of actor William Holden, who was found dead years ago in his Ca. beach home, with a bad head abrasion. Police first considered foul play, then found blood on his coffee table. Conclusion was that he tripped knocked himself unconscious, then bled out. Things just happen sometimes.

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TBH yes that’s what l automatically assume it’s a drug overdose either done deliberately or accidentally but sure that’s what l always assume straightaway.

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@Pgirl Welcome to Fluther!

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