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"The Rules of Eye Flirtation" - Help needed to update?

Asked by Forever_Free (6706points) September 13th, 2021
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Below are “The Rules of Eye Flirtation” as published in 1891.

Winking the right eye—I love you.
Winking the left eye—I hate you.
Winking both eyes—Yes.
Winking both eyes at once—We are watched.
Winking right eye twice—I am engaged.
Winking left eye twice—I am married.
Dropping the eyelids—May I kiss you?
Raising the eyebrows—Kiss me.
Closing the left eye slowly—Try and love me.
Closing the right eye slowly—You are beautiful.
Placing right forefinger to right eye—Do you love me?
Placing right forefinger to left eye—You are handsome
Placing right little finger to the right eye—Aren’t you ashamed?

I find these thrillingly insane. It’s a miracle that after all this ‘wink tennis’ they had the energy leftover to bone us into existence. Frankly, I’d have been too terrified to ever go outside for fear of accidentally indicating I hated them and then proposed to their dog.

The most interesting aspect for me is how these gestures change over time. 130 years ago, closing your left eye slowly meant “try to love me”. Today it means “I am having a stroke.”

Help me update the Rules for 2021.
Be real, Be crazy, be really crazy!

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I have been an adult for 49 years and never once have I seen this. And I have been totalaly oblivious to it anyway.

Here are a few:

- scratch my left ear—> I want to kiss your ear
– scratch my right ear—> I have ear wax

- sneeze—> I’m up for oral sex
– cough—> your shirt is unbuttoned in a revealing way

- running hands through my hair—> I’d like to see you without your wig
– both eyes blinking at the same time -> it’s allergy season

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I once winked my left eye, involuntary.
I went home with a 18th century secretaire.

2021 example:
Close both eyes, infinitely; I’m dead.

I find these thrillingly insane. It’s a miracle that after all this ‘wink tennis’ they had the energy leftover to bone us into existence.

That was the infamous “middle ‘finger’ in front of both her eyes”.

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If a man wears an earring in a certain ear, it means he’s gay.
If he wears an earring in the other ear it means he wants to make a fashion statement.
If he wears earrings in both ears, he’s a gay man who wishes to make a fashion statement?

If a man is bald in front, he is a great lover.
If he is bald in back he is a great thinker.
If he’s bald all over, he thinks he is a great lover?

I think the winking “rules” of 1891 are greatly over done!

My dad used to say that any woman who shows one ear in her hairstyle is looking for romance.


I give up!

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If you wear a gardenia behind the ear that has no earring, it means you want sex below the Equator.

Or, you lost your guide to Fan Language

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- Right finger in nose——> I’m anti-vax
– Left finger in nose——> I’m anti-vax, and left handed.
– Thumb up ass——> I voted for Trump
– Both thumbs up ass——> I would vote for Trump again

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@filmfann I much prefer your “Trump Voter” version – lol

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Eyes squeezed shut tight: move along, she’s not into you.

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This Admiral had some interesting eye coordination. Jeremiah Denton Blinks

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