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What Fluther questions are you still waiting to be answered?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23535points) September 13th, 2021
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I have some orphan questions. Like what happens if you win Dragon Warrior one for nes while cursed?

What are you still waiting for?

List your questions for a second chance. Maybe we can get an answer?

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Can a neoprene (synthetic rubber) hose on a automatic transmission be replaced with a plain (gasoline rated type) rubber hose?

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I just surveyed all my questions (. . .) and I don’t think any of them lack answers… or at least, responses and attempted answers. There may be some that I still would like more satisfying answers to, but that’s probably because they’re more philosophical questions, or gripes phrased as questions.

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I also have the nes pirates game question. Specifically how to use the sun sight.

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