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Are Republicans just going to make accusations of fraud in every election now?

Asked by Demosthenes (12874points) 2 months ago
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Larry Elder was crying “fraud” before the votes in the California recall election have even been counted.

This is clearly the new strategy of the Republican party and considering how many go along with, it seems to be effective.

What can Democrats do to counteract it?

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Yes. Even in the ones they win.

(Trump is saying some of the states he won undercounted his results)

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Yes. It’s their go-to move now.

Just like public condemnation and righteous outrage are the Democrats favorite tools.

But neither side will write or pass any laws that actually protect the right to vote and count ballots fairly – Or put elections under control of independent nonpartisan citizen commissions.

Because letting this bullishit game go on is the surest way for both sides to rake in big money from angry contributors.

So lets all enjoy the show. Just don’t expect a happy ending.

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Yes. What’s more, they’ll make them before the results are in. Sore losers all the way. They’d be booed off any playground.

One thing Democrats can do is give up the idiotic belief that you can reason with people who don’t give a damn for rationality. They need countermeasures of some other kind that don’t presume either logic or good faith on the part of the opposition.

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Sure looks that way. I always thought that Democrats were, generally speaking, more civilized.

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I mean, Democrats like talking about voter suppression, maybe they should just cry “suppression!” the way Republicans cry “fraud!” and say the vote was stolen for that reason before the results are in. Races to the bottom do seem to be the American way. :)

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Trump said outright that there won’t be a real election until “his” is fixed (meaning he is declared winner)

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“Stop the Steal” is the GOP mantra without any base !

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Democrats need to come up with a good story about what the Democratic Party has been and what it is that will bring independents in. Talk about themselves and how they will make America great rather than always attacking Republicans. I do not mean ignore when Republicans are doing horrible things. Democrats need a MAGA type feeling.

Democrats need to stop trying to be so logical, stop trying to use facts, stop trying to teach the definition of words, and start using tactics that play to peoples beliefs and feelings.

They need a Stacy Abrams in every state. Getting out the vote needs to be local. This includes helping people navigate the voting system, the laws, a lot of people have never voted before and are intimidated. A lot of people are unaware of interim elections. We need to hold their hands. The Florida person needs to be Latin American; someone in-state who really understands Latin Americans in Florida. By the way Florida gained an electoral vote with the census.

You can’t convince the looney tunes people in the parties. Just focus on the masses you have a good shot at swaying to your side.

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@JLeslie I agree. Democrats remind me of the nerdy polite kid who’s being screamed at and insulted a class debate and saying in response “um, no, well actually, you see…” and who do you think the class is going to pay more attention to and side with? That shit doesn’t work. I hate to say it but Democrats need their own Trump. Biden was not it.

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@Demosthenes Biden won, so Biden is fine, but what about elections in 2022 and 2024?

Interim elections are hugely important. The turn out for them is typically very low, so if the Democrats can get their act together they might be able to get some more seats. We have gerrymandering already as a problem, but we can overcome it in some places if more people vote.

Some voting laws have changed in an effort to squash the minority vote and the inner city poor vote, but many of the changes can be overcome if the people care enough to vote. If they don’t wait until the last day to vote.

2024 presidential election is scary, but the 2022 elections are the most important thing right now.

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Yes they are.
Such a childish response and pure waste of tax dollars.

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Just saw someone Facebook talking about the type of machine they voted on. It will never stop.

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Sure, where there is evidence of it. Why?

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@SnipSnip My point is that they make the claim despite there being no evidence of it, even before the results are in. It’s pre-emptive and has nothing to do with actual evidence of fraud.

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@Demosthenes I read an article this evening that said endorsing the 2020 “stolen election” lie was toxic for Elder’s chances, that it turned off independents and moderates, and that many Republicans have been backing away from it. Newsom might have won out anyway, it said, but being a Trump clone cost him a lot of votes. Maybe-just-maybe there’s some hope in that.

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