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Has anyone else noticed, that in general, Black drivers are more friendly and polite than white drivers?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7577points) September 22nd, 2021
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Not trying to start a ruckus on race, I’m a white guy myself. But I’ve been observing that Black folks are much more polite when driving, as far as slowing to let me change lanes, or letting me in front of them pulling out of a store. Other whites act like they’d as soon run over me than cut me a break. Any one else noticed that? My wife has noticed that as well. We got cut off in traffic the other day, and my wife says. “White guy, figures”.

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I very seldom even look at the drivers so I have no idea what they look like. And most people around here have tinted windows so I couldn’t tell what they look like if I wanted to. Apparently they do secret stuff in their car and don’t want people to see.

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Well when some one cuts me a break, and I’m driving at a slow pace, I will usually wave in acknowledgment and say thanks. It seems as if they are almost exclusively Black people. And I know that jack ass that cut me offf yesterday was vanilla because I flipped him off. And I know that was rude of me as well, but screw that clown.

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Or maybe they’re just nicer because they’re afraid of getting reported, stopped, and killed because the white folks are busy noticing that stuff.

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@canidmajor Why would I “report” or kill someone who does me a favor?

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What @canidmajor said. Driving while black is quite dangerous.

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@Nomore_lockout Your faux naïveté is absurd.

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Never in a million years would I think to try to classify the Road Idiots based on color.. They are faceless morons to me.
However, knowing what State they are from based on their License Plate is a completely different thing in the Northeast.
Road Idiots

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@canidmajor Your comment is absurd. This question is simply about, in general, polite driving as opposed to rude driving, If you’re offended by that, then no need to respond.

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@Nomore_lockout oh, ffs are you saying that you really don’t recognize the inherent dangers to black people doing anything in public? Wow.
I answered your OP with logic and reason, based on current events.

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Nope. I’ve actually never noticed race regarding politeness on the road.

I have noticed it in terms of location. In Raleigh, NC drivers are extremely courteous.

In DC and FL people drive aggressively, but also mostly very reasonable regarding letting traffic merge. Although, FL also has a lot of tourist so you see crazy acts like suddenly crossing 2 lanes on the highway to exit or u-turns in places that maybe are not really exercising good judgement.

Memphis, TN is horrible regarding no signaling, slow in the left lane, all sorts of actions like they never went to driving school.

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@Forever_Free We have the same issues here with Ohio drivers. They can’t seem to drive without causing accidents. They are known as The Buckeye State. So we just refer to them as “useless nut drivers.”

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Texas has a meme, posted along highways on signs. “Drive Friendly.” Yeah, right.

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I try to drive friendly, until some good ol’ boy in a duelly truck with three AR 15s mounted on a gun rack cuts me off. Ok, bad ass.

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I’m not sure I agree. I think that a lot depends on the part of the city / state that you’re in.

Parts of Atlanta are overwhelming black, other parts are overwhelmingly white, and much of Atlanta is very mixed.

I haven’t experienced more politeness in one part of town than another.

My differentiation would be based on age rather than race. The 20–35 age cohort drives more irresponsibly than the older folks.

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@elbanditoroso The Insurance companies would agree about age.

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I never take the time to find out what color a driver’s skin is.

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I can’t say that I’ve noticed.

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No, I can’t say that I agree. I’ve found that courtesy and douchebaggery are equal opportunity mindsets.

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Once I was at a gas station and there was a car on the other side of the pump. In front of the car was a massive hole! Just a black kid came out and headed to that car. He was swaggering that gang swagger, he had a menacing scowl on his face. It didn’t faze me. I taught school in a jail!
I called out to him. He turned toward me, looking all dangerous and shit.
I said “There’s a giant hole in front of your car! I didn’t want you to drive into it!”
His face relaxed and he turned into a handsome young man. Then he flashed a brilliant smile at me. In a soft spoken voice he said “Thanks. I saw it already, but thank you so much!”
Made my day!

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In my experience black people are generally more caring and helpful than white.

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Years ago, when I served some time in a gas station in Las Vegas, I was waiting on this elderly black person. I was under the hood, checking the oil when he started blowing the horn at some chick on the sidewalk.

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“In my experience black people are generally more caring and helpful than white”. @Dutchess_III Exactly, that was what I was trying to get across with this. That has been my experience with driving as well. Both around Austin and in my own community.

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All my years at driving transports,I have never noticed a race or skin colour for drivers ,what I have noticed at least up here,and before a great many of you get all twisted it’s just what I have noticed,
Young women tend to be very aggressive drivers.
Young men tend to be all over the place from aggressive to overly cautious.
Older women are overly cautious drivers.
older men tend to be just poor drivers in general.
While this isn’t everyone it is the majority to what I have witnessed in my years of driving.

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I haven’t noticed but it seems that location would affect this.

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