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What are your thoughts on the following statement: [see inside, please].

Asked by rebbel (33695points) September 27th, 2021
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“If it were not for reproduction, a man can easily be missed, in bed (or any other place), during sex.”
“It’s not as if they satisfy us one hundred percent of the time (or 5%)...”

What say you?
Everybody is welcome to answer.

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Not the first time I have heard that – the saying exists in slightly different formulations, and has for years.





That sentiment is/was popular among feminists. I imagine that there are some Flutherites around today who would agree.

Factually, the statement is (or could be soon) factually true. If sperm can be artificially produced (possible but unlikely) then men have no further reproductive role to play.

But if all men were to disappear, who would women bitch at?

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And I wouldn’t miss the person saying this in a heartbeat.

To each there own

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I personally enjoy male companionship and the masculine energy, so that is not something I would ever say. It seems as the author is saying that men are worthless, which is not the case to me.

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Since I don’t have children, obviously I don’t/didn’t need a man for reproductive purposes. I do, however, need a man to kill any spiders that may be in the house. :-)

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@chyna It’s so good to be needed for something

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@chyna I can handle spiders, but if I can’t get the pickle jar open, that’s a real issue. :)

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Leave the spiders alone! They’re the good guys!

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Well, we do need to move the piano sometimes…..

(Not to mention cuddling.)

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Okay, Flutherites, let’s clarify my question a bit.
It was not about spiders, piano’s, or trash handling.
Rather about female, sexual, satisfaction.
It’s not a secret that more men (generally) reach orgasm, than (generally) women (in a man/woman sexual encounter.
With the advancement of erotic toys, I can see that men are less and less needed (in that event).

Obviously I’m not asking for your personal experience, moreso your thoughts in general.

By the way, I am a man, and my girlfriend is a woman, so I know what I’m talking about…

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I don’t think a machine or sexual device can ever replace sex between a man and a woman if it’s good sex and there is cuddling after.

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@rebbel No a device is not as enjoyable as a human when it comes to pleasure. At least not affordable tech currently. Haha!
But do you need a whole man around 24–7 and all that goes with him, for a job a device can get done in five minutes or less? That’s a different question.

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I am way past the point (or age) of caring. My wife has never complained, so to each his or her own. We’re good.

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I think it is very poorly punctuated. As for the content, the first part of the statement is way too overstated to be even remotely true. The second part is possibly true when considered over the entire course of human history and probably false in much of the modern world. In any case, neither part is a popular sentiment among feminists as a whole despite whatever caricatures, stereotypes, and biases one may have absorbed in their years.

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@rebbel “With the advancement of erotic toys”? Eh, I think this situation has been going on for a long time, with or without erotic toys, and that probably (?) erotic toys are not changing the situation very much.

I think this question shows a particularly male focus on insecurity about male sexual performance and anxiety about whether women will find men desirable or necessary. I think that’s what’s really behind the asking of this question, and also behind a ton of other things in our culture, and a driving force behind misogyny. That is, men tend to be terrified they’ll lose the approval/love of the women in their lives, fear/deny their own inadequacy and not being needed, and so try to create needs, sometimes in the form of unequal pay, unequal laws, unequal social expectations, notions of men being needed to provide for and protect women, some romantic ideals and conventions that involve men being desperately needed, physical abuse, etc etc.

Men obsess over sexual performance and their inadequacy far more than women do, though it’s true that the majority of women don’t tend to climax from only penis/vagina intercourse. A lot of that happens, again, because of male insecurity and women being rightly cautious about triggering men by talking openly about such things.

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@Zaku I seriously doubt our Dutch jelly has any insecurities in his sexuality. I mean, have you seen his pic?!! Lol
Sometimes a question is just a question without hidden meaning.

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@chyna I didn’t mean that as ad hominem against @rebbel , but rather to point out the question’s mindset and (to the question’s topic) its relation to what’s going on in society.

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^I was teasing you.

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To answer the question: if all a woman is after is an orgasm, and nothing else, that might be a true statement.
Most woman are not that shallow though.

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