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Is the earth going to explode?

Asked by omtatsat (1232points) October 2nd, 2021
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Earthquake in Australia. Volcano eruption in Hawaii. Volcano eruption in La Palma.

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We should be so lucky.

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Not from tectonic activity. Maybe if we get hit by a big enough celestial object, but I’m not holding my breath…

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There have been thousands of earthquakes and volcano eruptions throughout history. And we are still here.

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It won’t explode because of any internal activity. A celestial object has to have a mass ≥ 8 times that of our sun to have a supernova explosion.

Volcanic explosions actually relieve internal planetary pressures.

Current theory holds that the earth will be vaporized in about 5 billion years, when it’s engulfed by our dying sun.

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Probably won’t explode. But it can and will “adjust” itself in ways that are not always beneficial to we humans. The next one I am waiting for is the swapping of the magnetic poles. Talk about global warming!

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Nothing new. Same old same old.

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I hope so. If civilization as we know it is going to disappear, let’s go out with a bang.

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Nature will take back what is hers.
“You humans, you think you are so fucking cool.
You know what I am going to do?
I am just going to erupt over here.
What are you going to do about it, huh?
Punk ass bitches.”

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It can’t explode if it’s venting all that pressure. But if it did, we would all be lucky to die quickly.

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I agree to a certain extent with @seawulf575 . But I think a major calamity would be Krakatoa erupting and completing it’s split that it began in 1883 and swamping the Earth with a huge tsunami. Something similar could happen if the Greenland ice sheet shattered and all that ice went into the ocean at once.

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It might never explode but a supervolcano is the next best thing and is inevitable.

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@ragingloli in 5 million years it will be hard to tell that humans were ever here.

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