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Should I leave my retail job?

Asked by ButterflyBoi (81points) 2 months ago
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So my first job was at a pizza place, and I worked there for six months, then I got a new job at a clothing store. The pay there is a lot better, and I get decent hours. However, it’s very obvious that the store manager and the administrator are showing favoritism to other employees that don’t work as well. I have sold over 180 credit cards in the five (almost six) months that I’ve been there, but they still give me the bad hours and ask me to make up for the credits they didn’t get in the daytime. I have another retail job in mind to apply for, but the wage might be cut by a dollar or two.

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Sounds like you should, if you have someplace else to go.

There are TONS of places looking for employees, so you shouldn’t have a tough time getting a new job.

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Do it now.

And you should quit the next one too – before they hire you.

It’s really the only way to succeed.

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There are too many jobs available to be stuck at a job where you are under appreciated.
But have the new job before you quit the old one.
Good luck!

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Is there anything you could steal to compensate for the shitty attitude of the bosses?

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If you are good at sales (“I have sold over 180 credit cards in the five (almost six) months that I’ve been there”) you should move up to a higher-paying job.

I worked at a computer sales company where several of the best-paid people came from one shoe store. They were great shoe salesmen, and one of them joined us. He was fantastic. And he told his friends how they could sell $5,000 computers instead of $50 shoes.

One of the best was like you – he started as a cashier who asked every customer to apply for the company credit card. He got noticed and moved to corporate sales, selling 10s and 100s of machines at a time to commercial, government & education accounts.

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Find a place of employment that makes you feel good to be working there. Currently there are many jobs open in most every industry. Use it to your advantage.
ife is too short to be in a job that doesn’t appreciate you or makes you feel shitty.

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