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Can anyone suggest an excellent coffee from Europe?

Asked by Pandora (30285points) 1 week ago
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I’ve always loved Columbian Coffee but lately, the coffee tastes old and bitter or has hardly any flavor. Funny enough decaf coffee taste better than regular Columbian coffee.

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Europe does not produce coffee

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Okay well in France I had some excellent coffee. Not so much in Spain or Italy, or Germany. So where do they get their coffee from? It can’t be the same crap we get. But what I meant is their brand of Coffee. I looked it up and it seems they get it from Brazil and Vietnam. So maybe it’s their Vietnam coffee. I realize I should’ve been more specific.

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Hawaiian coffee; either Kona or Kauai !

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Each source of coffee is different. As in, the beans I get come from a specific small grower in Columbia. They’re bought by a local company, which roasts and sells the beans directly and to stores. How old the beans are, how they’re stored, and how they are prepared, and the current temperature when you drink it, are all also major factors in how coffee tastes in a cup.

Trying to rate France versus Italy or Germany will be comparing groups of preparers. The French tend to particularly care about food and coffee and may be likely to do a good job, but some may also not, and many Italians know how and care too, but the preparation will vary from preparer to preparer. I remember the coffee in three places in particular in Europe – two were in Italy, and one was in the Netherlands.

If you like, I’ll send you the web site of the local supplier I like best. They take mail orders.

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Is worth a try and available in many stores now.

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It’s “Colombia.”

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@kruger_d , I’ll give it a try.

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@Zaku, Please do.

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A brand that I think is really good is Lavazza.

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