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Why did NAC get banned?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10127points) 1 week ago
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NAC is N-acetyl-cysteine. Apparently it got banned for some reason, and Amazon no longer sells it.
I understand that it is a common and popular supplement.

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The body uses NAC to make glutathione. It’s safe and it works. it’s also an excellent antioxidant, and is great at breaking down mucus.

NAC has long been used as a treatment for acetaminophen overdose.

It has been available over the counter for a long long time.

Bottom line it got banned because it works. it’s now in clinical trials. Drug companies are looking for ways to make prescription medications to control mucus in Covid patients, and they don’t want anybody buying the stuff without a prescription. It’s ALL about profit.

By the way it was taken off the market for a bit and is now available again, at least online. My guess is in the future it probably won’t be available at all. People who use it regularly are stocking up.

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@snowberry “Bottom line it got banned because it works’

You’ll find no disagreement from me that we have some perverse incentives with private drug companies and healthcare. I would absolutely be in favor of more government control of the Pharma industry.

That said, they don’t ban things because they’re safe and effective. That’s not a thing. Admittedly I haven’t looked into this particular supplement though, so it’s possible I may be wrong in this instance.

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The FDA says it’s an approved drug, and thus can’t be sold as a “supplement” and must be by prescription. I’m inclined to think @snowberry is right and the motive is monetary. More money can be made by making it an expensive prescription drug than an affordable supplement.

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@Demosthenes yep it’s not like people have a history of overdosing on it. It’s an amino acid.

It was only when the pharmaceutical industry saw a chance to cash in on a new market they started to say that it was a drug, and therefore needed to be regulated. There’s special place in hell for people like that.

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GA, @snowberry , thank you!

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