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Coping Mechanisms to Feel Better?

Asked by katewilliams (43points) 6 days ago
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When you need to cheer yourself up after a long and emotional day.

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Think back of a moment, or event, that made you feel good, or grateful.

Play with a pet (if you have).

Know that however bad you feel now, it’ll always go over (soon).

We are good at thinking ourselves bad (thinking being the keyword here); you can use the thinking also to make you feel good/better/positive.

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Escaping into a favorite book that will draw your attention to the events in the book and not the actual events of your life. That’s trying to move you to another world – at least for a short time – to distance yourself from the previous day.

Steep yourself in that for an hour, then come back to make yourself dinner.

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Puppy and kitten videos on YouTube.
Happy music.
A massage.
Drawing or painting.
A good walk.
Riding a bicycle.
Writing a gratitude list.
Baking cookies.

Personally, I use meditation. It’s not as hard as the myths make it seem. There are many videos on YouTube to help.

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Physical exercise to exhaustion does it for me.

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I clean up outside. There’s always something that needs doing.

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Turn off loud music and listen to SPA music ( instrumentals) and perhaps look at old photographs of times in your life that were funny events.
There are good times and bad but think on the goodtimes more so.
I get creative learning drawing, painting,as famous artists became that creative by burying bad memories…its a positive outlet that can sometime garner the budding painter,musician and so on.

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I also exercise or at least walk the dogs.

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God Bless!! Pray! It helps me.

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A walk in nature
A call to talk to my Mother

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