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It's the Fluther BYOB party! What will you bring?

Asked by bob_ (21068points) 1 month ago
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(Bring your own booze.)

Drinking a glass or two, or five or six? Are you going to make a scene?

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I’m still sober, and still clear enough to wonder whether this party could/should not be thrown in meta?

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I don’t usually drink alcohol, but if I’m going partake I’ll go with cranberry and grapefruit juice and a splash of vodka I guess. is that a seabreeze?

Or, maybe just a shot of scotch and get it over with and drink what I really prefer to drink.

No scene. I’m drinking the minimum required.

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I’ll have a glass of the sweetest white wine I can find. An inexpensive Moscato or Riesling will do nicely.

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My partner and I discovered Aperol Spritzer in Malta. It’s an Italian beverage made from Aperol liquor, Prosecco, and a splash of club soda. Serve on ice with a slice of orange.

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I’ll bring Crown and Coke, and have two. Unless I’m very comfortable, I generally prefer to be sober.

Scenes are dependent on other people’s behavior, but I prefer to dance and have a good time. :D

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I’ll bring a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Zacapa 23, soda and Coca-Cola. I definitely won’t be driving home, but no worries, I’m a friendly drunk.

@rebbel Thought about it, but decided to go for social because a) Meta doesn’t get as much traffic, and b) it’s more of a “Learn about people” than “Questions about Fluther and the community” type of question.

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A very sweet red wine Roscotta. Yeah, I might as well drink koolaid! I can have 2 glasses if I’m driving, 3 if I’m staying the night.

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I’ll bring a bottle of spiced rum.

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@bob_ You have some good points there (thought about meta getting less traffic too, later, after I posted it…)!

I’m alcohol free, so I’ll bring some Leffe 0%.
A nice Belgian beer.

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I’ll daintily sip some Kahlua and cream, on the ice of course (that’s both me and my drink!)

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I’ll be chugging some Chandon Brut (champagne) from the bottle, like an aging rock star.
Unlike @janbb, I can never be called dainty.

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Y’all are so dang sophisticated I’m afraid to answer!
Bet @Caravanfan knows what I’d bring tho!

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Peroni is my favourite beer just now but I also like draught Guinness.

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Plum Wine or White Russians, depending on the mood of the party.

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Squirt on ice with cut up strawberries dropped into it. (it’s a grapefruit flavored soft drink)
mmmmmmmmmm deeelish!!

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@smudges I’m old enough to remember Squirt when it was originally bottled as carbonated grapefruit juice.

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A nice 23 year aged dark rum drizzled over Hagen Daz Vanilla ice cream.

I brought enough for everyone!

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@Pied_Pfeffer Huh! I didn’t know that. I’m probably old enough too, but my parents only bought 7-UP and RC Cola. Mom had the 7-UP, Dad had the RC, and he would make “goldens” for us kids, which was ½ and ½. We only had it in the evenings after dinner, before bed, and in very small glasses.

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Case of beer will work for me. No scene.

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