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Making sense of admission deadlines for Indian students.

Asked by firenze (1points) 4 days ago
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I am a Indian student who is currently aiming for international colleges, many colleges have their admissions in early Jan but board exams are in Feb so how do they calculate the scores or do they wait for board scores.

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If you’re talking about American universities, they will take applications up to a certain date but usually wait to admit before they have your exam scores in. However, your best course of action would be to check the admission process of each university you are applying to and then also make sure that you have arranged for your exam scores to be reported to those schools. Some colleges having rolling admissions and may decide earlier but it may be dependent on your exam scores. Most top universities don’t notify prospective students until the first week in April.

English universities take applications but wait until exam scores, A and O levels, are reported in the early summer and then announce their admissions in August.

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