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Do you use Google Drive?

Asked by flutherother (34516points) October 14th, 2021
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I’m receiving constant pop ups asking me to install Google Drive. What is your experience of this Google product. I’m deciding whether to install it or not.

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I use it all the time when I need to share things with someone or just store something online temporarily. It’s a neat service overall. You are given 15GB free of storage, and you have to pay money if you want more. I don’t store anything too big so I’m good. And besides, that’s way bigger than a lot of other cloud services out there.

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It’s been used in my congregation for joint sharing and editing of documents but I never really got the hang of it. If you don’t work collaboratively, I don’t see any use for it.

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I use it on the web. I do not use it as a free-standing app.

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I use it, mainly as an extra, secure, place to upload files that I think I might need in the future, or for photos/videos that are near to my heart (and I definitely don’t want to ‘lose’).
I use only the most rudimentary functions of it.
All the possibilities (if there are) are over my head (I think).

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The (desktop) web version is good for uploading, downloading, and sharing files. If that’s all you need, then you most likely do not need to install the standalone program. I’ve used the web app to share sentimental images and collaborate with friends on projects. It’s a solid free service.

Relevant side note: I have not installed the application on any PC I own, but I do sometimes use the app version on my Android phone. The app is nice enough, but the UI is on the clunky side, which makes it more difficult to quickly access files.

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I used to, but not any more, because it started quarantining my files for no good reason, and there was zero customer support to explain or correct that, so it became unusable for me.

Oh, but I just used the web page version. Install something for it? No thanks.

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I use it, but not as an app I don’t think. It’s just the Google website.

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I use Google drive on my PCs to backup and share files among them. They all have the Windows app installed, and it keeps a complete copy of all my Google Drive files on each machine.

One example of a great benefit is my “Manuals user guides and Receipts” folder. For any gadget or appliance or whatever, I keep its pertinent files in that folder. I have instruction manuals for my 20-year old dryer, and the receipt, warranty, and user manual for the wristwatch I bought last week.

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I do not voluntarily use google anything.

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