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God is almost done with making animals, only two to go. With the following parts, what can he make?

Asked by rebbel (34224points) October 19th, 2021
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12 legs, 2 eyes, 4 wings, dozens of teeth, 1 beak, 2 mouths, 4 massive ears, 1 tail, 1 brain (walnut sized), 1 brain (football sized (and shaped)), guts, 1 spine, 1 exoskeleton.

You may add max 3 parts of your own choice.

What are the two last, and new, animals we can welcome to the beautiful planet of ours?

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I can’t quite describe them but I think loli is already in love!

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Looks like SHE may have enough to construct two parasitic, ugly, hovering, blood-sucking, US politicians – One for each party.

Probably won’t really need the brains for that project though… or the spine.

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Whatever I make, one of them will get a penis. Because whatever they are, they deserve to screw just like everything else.

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