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Is this drawing any good?

Asked by Cindy1302 (204points) 3 months ago
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Love it!

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Not bad if it’s a practice piece. Pretty good with the form and volume. The neck tilt is interesting.

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It’s far better than anything that I could sketch out.

Art is appreciated by everyone; just in different genres and medias. If you are looking to sell, then find the targeted audience.

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Who posed for you? It sort of resembles an old girlfriend.

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Yes, I think it is.

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I think it’s good for a rough sketch. Are you using different grades of pencil? Using an 8B or black colored pencil could really make the contrast pop and look more 3-dimensional

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Very cool! Really love the ‘hair’.

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Wonderful. Very lifelike.

Now take this damn candy and get off my porch.

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In the context of a casual hobby, yes. Generally good proportions.

In the context of an illustration class, it’s okay. Needs different line weight and shading.

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So cool! Talented.

But I think for me, it just creepy to draw that

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I just hope it’s not a self portrait! Meant as a joke

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Not my cup of tea.

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