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Has Fluther ever comforted you?

Asked by anniereborn (15392points) October 31st, 2021
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I was lying in bed and just could not get to sleep. I was “talking” to my husband Jeff (Darth Algar) as usual. And I was so sad that I would never be able to hear him “ramble on” about this or that ever again.

Then Fluther came to mind. There are over 11K answers on here that are his thoughts. His voice. Thank goodness they are here.

How about you?

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During the time I was in quarantine on the cruise ship, and then at Travis, I took great comfort from the goodwill given me on this site. Both my wife and I were quite distraught, but we realized we were not forgotten.
Thank you all for that!

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@filmfann I worried about you a lot back then. Covid was new and no one really knew what we all were in for and there you are, stuck on a cruise ship without all the medical help the rest of us had better access to.
A few jellies stopped in to pm me after I lost my sweet dog this year. It meant a lot to me that they realized how important she was to me. So, yes, fluther has comforted me a lot of different times.

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Please don’t anyone think that I have forgotten all the amazing kindness shown to me with Jeff’s death. I just thought that this situation was very cool and wanted to share it.

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Yes, I got a lot of support and comfort after my marriage ended 10 years ago.

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@anniereborn This brought tears to my eyes. It’s really cool, and I can see how comforting it would be. His voice is here, just waiting for you to drop by and listen. You’re very lucky to have this. {{hugs}}

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@smudges Previous to this, I avoided looking at his posts. I thought it would be too sad. But they were waiting for me when the time was right.

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<3 Sometimes it takes time, and it takes what it takes.

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This is one of the quotes I love, and I think it might speak to you, also:

I missed you every hour.
And you know what the worst part was?
It caught me completely by surprise.
I’d catch myself just walking around to find you-
not for any reason, just out of habit-
because I’d seen something that I
wanted to tell you about or because
I wanted to hear your voice.
And then I’d realize that you weren’t there anymore, and
every time, every single time, it was like
having the wind knocked out of me.

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Sometimes. And usually without asking or thinking I’ll find some stray comment from some random person that makes me smile or hope a little.

This is a small, obscure, little place full of odd people with strange thoughts. Sort of like the rest of the planet.

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Many times. When I had a lung cancer scare and when my mom passed away a year later. I became very close with many but especially with @gailcalled. Fluther hasn’t been the same for me since Gail passed away.

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