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Did everyone have a safe and fun Halloween?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7577points) 2 months ago
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We just sat on the porch until 9 PM, waiting for kiddos. Only had nine trick or treaters all night, mostly little ones. Our grand kids made out like bandits, got plenty of candy. The 12 year old girl volunteered at the elementary school haunted house with her friends, and came home hoarse from hollering all night lol.

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Yup. I was home. October 30th was the big Halloween celebration where I live and I didn’t go. Usually, I go for a couple of hours.

The last two weeks I dressed up in costume in my zumba classes.

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@JLeslie Sounds like fun!

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I play an online game and they had a short Halloween event where they decorated the entire city in Halloween theme. Other than that there weren’t many changes.

I didn’t encounter much trolls on that day, so I consider that a safe Halloween :)

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@Mimishu1995 Probably all out trolling for candy : )

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Halloween MONTH is crazy where I live. You’ll come across people dressed up in odd places.

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@JLeslie It’s fun though. Go with it : )

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I do. I was a cat. You probably saw my photo on Facebook. I did the Pink Panther music in Zumba.

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Odd thing, haven’t heard about any lunatic clowns this year. But in Texas, jumping out at someone wearing a clown suit might have you eating lead. Borders on being suicidal where I live.

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@JLeslie I did see that. Liked it, nice touch!

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@JLeslie Halloween MONTH is crazy where I live. You’ll come across people dressed up in odd places.

Oh, that’s just Florida in general. >8^O

I earned the right to tease Florida by living in Winter Park & Orlando for 10 years; worked at ORMC, got banned from a bar on the OBT LOL

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@smudges Orlando area is probably all month, because it is Halloween night at the parks for over a month. I didn’t experience it all month in SoFL, maybe a week. I love Winter Park by the way. Love the Morse museum.

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I loved living there, made some very good friends at work, and had some wild times in Florida. omg was I naughty!

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^^I love my state. Too many people moving here now! With this covid mess I fear Republicans are flocking here, although we still have more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida. It’s just a smidge more, but still more. I count on the “wild” in the state and sunshine to keep a balance here politically.

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