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What are your favorite feel-good movies?

Asked by tent (467points) November 5th, 2021
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I overindulged in horror flicks the past two months and am now ready for some feel-good movies but I’m at a loss of what to watch right now. I thought I’d ask the collective what they like to watch.

I’d specifically like to hear about movies made in the last 10 years but I’m happy to hear about others. :)

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Summer of Soul
David Copperfield (with Dev Patel)

And some classics:

The Gods Must Be Crazy
The African Queen
A Night at the Opera
O Brother Where Art Thou

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An under rated feel-good flick I really enjoyed is The world’s fastest Indian

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Home For The Holidays
Annie Hall
Broadway Danny Rose
The Road To Rio
Team America: World Police
Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
The Big Lebowski
The Princess and The Pirate

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I highly recommend Patrick, a British movie on Netflix about a young woman who inherits a pug dog after her relative passes away. In the hands of an American director, this movie would have easily slid into sappy territory. I think the Brits avoid that, and this is a wonderful movie.

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Some relatively newer feel good movies:

Peanut Butter Falcon
Blinded by the Light (2019)
The Farewell
Love, Simon
Megan Leavey
Paddington 1 & 2
The Edge of Seventeen (2016)
Sing Street
Enough Said
The Way Way Back
Win Win
The Visitor (2007)

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The Sandlot / My Favorite Year Take aways – Baseball is Life My Favorite Year – You ARE that guy! No one is that good of an actor! Oh, and not nesseasarily feel good, but funny as hell – Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Takeaway- In the name of Her Majesty and the Continental Congress, stop jabbering and feed that ammo belt boy!

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I’m kind of an ‘old movies junky’ So I don’t have many new movies that I like. Still my favorite ‘feel good’ movie is ‘Pocketful of Miracles’ (Glen Ford, Hope Lange, Peter Faulk. 1961). I guarantee you’ll feel good after watching it. Of course there’s also classics like ‘The Natural’, The Electric Horseman, The Last Starfighter’, and Pure Luck.

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Very good movie showing courage against all odds.
This should be shown in every classroom.

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The big snit… The cat came back. Both from the Canadian film board.

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I like a lot of them. To mind came Mystic Pizza.

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^Such a good movie!

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▲ That’s Matt Damon’s first one.

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Whoa really?

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