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Can you help with this mouse problem?(see details).

Asked by KRD (1828points) 2 months ago
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When have mice living in our chicken coops that are extremely annoying and are causing problems. in our first coop mice will come in and eat our eggs and make a mess in the nesting boxes and give birth go baby mice. In our other coop it has a storage bin for food and wood chips and there’s a mouse living in the walls and eating the food and taring up the wood chip bags. Any ideas to get rid of them?

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Eliminate their source of food. If mice can get into the food storage, that’s the first thing to address. Next, just make sure you’re getting to the eggs before the vermin do. If there’s no food, they’ll usually move on. Put some traps around to motivate them too.

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Set out mouse traps and be prepared to set them out at least twice. If there is one mouse, there are at least two, I’ve found. My grandmother always used D-con, but the mice crawl off to die and end up creating a stench that’s hard to locate.

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Get some big feral barn cats from your local TNR program. Trust me it works.

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I don’t know what TNR is, but you can adopt barn cats from the local humane society if they have that program. I’d advise that you try to find out if the cats will kill the chickens before adopting!

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@smudges: Trap, neuter, release. It’s trapping stray or feral cats, getting them neutered at the vet so they can’t have any more babies, getting them vaccinated and then releasing them where they were originally trapped or releasing them somewhere else that’s safe, if the original spot wasn’t safe. There are feral cat agencies that do this and assist others to do it.

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@kritiper I would use D-con but either the chickens eat the poison or the mice eat it and dies and the chickens eat the dead mouse and die.

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@smudges I never even thought about a cat attacking a chicken haha. I’d like to see that Tiktok.

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I would put out about 16 – 20 Victor mouse traps. They sell for about $2 for a pack of 4. i would open them all and put them in with the chicken food for one day so they marinate and pick up the food smell.
After a day I would put out all the traps and deal with it.

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@jca2 Ohhh ok…I know what trap, neuter, release is, but didn’t know that’s what TNR stood for. Duhhh!

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