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How to find out who manufactures a store-brand over-the-counter medicine?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30910points) 2 months ago
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I have a container of Kroger-brand Ibuprofen. Kroger doesn’t make pain relievers – they buy from some factory and slap their label on the bottle.

How do I find out who the actual manufacturer is?

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If you look at the label where it says Drug Facts, it mentions Pfizer. So I’m not sure if that is the manufacturer or not.

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@elbanditoroso Wil the barcode tell you? There is a list of country’s barcodes which may tell you the origin.

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It almost definitely will say who produced it, somewhere in small print on the bottle.

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The bottle should say who make it on the front or back.

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Doesn’t. In this case there is a NDC code (which points to Kroger), and nothing else that says “Manufactured by xxxx…)

It says “Distributed by the Kroger Company”, The mention of Wyeth says “Advil is a trademark of Wyeth and Kroger has nothing to do with Wyeth” or something like that.

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I was just going to post that ^^^ information.

Since the page is so comprehensive and yet doesn’t mention a manufacturer, here’s my guess: Kroger buys whatever generic ibuprofen is cheapest at reorder time and labels it.

If true, I think this practice explains why sometimes a prescription med seems to gain or lose in effectiveness or side effects from one refill to the next.

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FDA lists Kroger as the manufacturer.

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There’s also the fact that it comes in various forms—tablet, gel capsule, different strengths. We don’t know which the OP has. But I do see, as @Tropical_Willie found, that the FDA page list more than one variety with Kroger as the manufacturer.

Maybe the next step is to find out how the FDA defines “manufacturer.”

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Statistically it’s probably made in China by IOL Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. They apparently manufacture 61% of all the ibuprofen sold in the US including several brand names.

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The Ibuprofen itself is probably made in China as @Lightlyseared says. Drug companies are tending to outsource the manufacturing of the active ingredients of their products to save on costs. Source

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“probably” isn’t the answer.

I’m looking for facts.

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